What Is A Bullet Journal Collection?

Bullet Journal Beginners

4 of 5: What is a Bullet Journal Collection?

Welcome to part 4 of my five-part series on Bullet Journaling For Beginners! So far in the series we’ve covered what a bullet journal is, what you can use it for, and most importantly how to make a bullet journal! Now we’re moving on to bullet journal collections… So then, what is a bullet journal collection?

Your collections are lists and notes which group together under a particular subject heading. Nothing complicated at all, but a really useful way of keeping everything organized and categorized rather than scattered in various places throughout your journal.

Plus, if you’re someone who loves making lists, you’re going to really enjoy creating them!

The first collections in the journal below are ‘goals’ and a ‘big list’, which is for longer term ‘to do’s’ and projects (you know the ones – they may remain on the list for years, you can only hope that one day you may finally find some time for them!).

What is a Bullet Journal Collection

There’s no limit to the amount of creative collections you can come up with, but some simple ones to start with might be books you want to read, a list of your favourite websites and blogs, and an exercise/health plan.

Once you get going, check out my HUGE list of bullet journal collection ideas, to keep adding to your selection!

My Uni Grades And Correspondence Collections

The bullet journal pictured here includes lists of university grades, and a log of correspondence with a sponsored child in Africa, so you can see how unique you can make your journal!

Other collections you might want to try out include ideas for places to visit/take kids, and your Christmas card list for future reference!

In the journal shown below you can see a uni term tracker. Each term is coloured in after it’s completed, so you get a great visual representation of getting closer and closer to your goal.

This idea can be adapted for any goal – maybe you’re training for a long distance run, or saving up for a holiday, or organizing your house room by room, or your room cupboard by cupboard! It can help to keep you going when you’re feeling a bit fed up and overwhelmed by the task at hand! This idea is really a cross between a collection and a tracker, you can read more about trackers here when you’re ready.

My Uni Term Tracker

You might also want to experiment with getting creative and learning to draw!

Not really a collection as such, but you can dedicate pages throughout your journal to doodles and drawing. Even if you don’t think you can draw, it’s worth a go as it can actually be really relaxing and therapeutic!

Leaves Drawing
Rose Drawing

There really are endless possiblilities for your bullet journal collections! As well as my huge list of bullet journal collection ideas, you can check out these ideas on thepetiteplanner.com and Pinterest for even more inspiration.

Remember to use your index as you create your collections, so that you can find them easily when you want to read or update them.

So there you go, that’s it! What are you creating for your own collections? I’d love to know – let me know in the comments how you’re getting on, I love hearing from you!

5 Part Bullet Journaling For Beginners Series

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What is a bullet journal collection
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