7 Ways To Relax When Life Gets Stressful

There’s no denying that life really can get pretty stressful at times! How stressed you feel on a day to day basis depends to a large extent on how you react to the day to day troubles that life throws at you.

Ways to relax and combat stress

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Some thrive in a high-pressure position but find the commute difficult and worrisome on the way to work. Other’s find it difficult to cope without the support of a partner, while others find their marriage a very stressful thing to deal with! 

There are many signs that tell you when life is becoming too much to cope with – and it’s not just when you’re going through a really stressful time that you have to watch out for, repetitive day to day low level stress can also be very damaging .

Your emotional state and your physical state both get altered when things get too pressurised. It gets too much sometimes, and the days that become too much mean that the mental chatter becomes far too loud. The amount of stress you feel can trigger a flight response versus the fight response, and when the stress clogs you up mentally, you need a way out.


Relaxation is your way out, and learning how to relax your mind takes some time for some people. Achieving that state is going to take some practice – so do yourself a favor by investing some time in yourself and trying out a few of these strategies, to help you feel calm and back in control!

Spa Zone

The bathroom is one place that you should be able to sink into a bubble bath or stand under a hot shower, and feel totally relaxed without anyone interrupting you. Go one better and create a luxury spa area in your bathroom.

Create your own spa to combat stress

Creating an escape that you can trust to be there for you is a good way to lift your spirits and feel good about yourself. Pick products that feel luxurious, and take your favorite book in with you or play some relaxing music to really unwind.


One of the best ways that you can alleviate stress is to exercise. Adrenaline that pumps around your body when you’re feeling under everything in your life can make you feel nervous and jumpy. That’s the adrenaline coursing through your veins.

Exercise to help combat stress

If you exercise, you can burn out the adrenaline and get your sweat on at the same time. The added blood flow and the oxygen that flows through your veins gives your entire body a huge boost, so even if you don’t feel like it, you should workout for your mental health as well as your physical health and looks!


Silence is a very powerful thing. The sensory overload that you feel when you’re stressed out can crowd your mind and flood your senses and not in a good way.

Taking a few minutes every morning and evening to meditate and connect with yourself and your breathing can help you to eliminate the clutter of stress in your head. It’s amazing what you can do when you focus on your breathing for a while.

Yoga to help combat stress

And if meditation isn’t your thing, give yoga a go instead. It’s great for incorporating a mental element into a physical workout, and is renowned for helping to combat stress.


Meeting up with friends and family and being around your people is going to help your stress levels – because of hugs! Physical contact and that pressure you feel in a hug can give you everything you need to calm down your senses and relax your central nervous system.

Friendship helps to combat stress

A hug can make you feel a thousand times better and when you’re with your people, you can unload the stress and share your worries.


When you’re stressed, your stomach clenches up and you can lose your appetite. Eating well is difficult when your body wants to run from your worries, but dedicating some time to preparing and eating a meal that is nutritious and healthy can help you to feel calm and grounded.

Eating to help combat stress

The brain is affected by the food that you put into your body, so making sure that you eat vitamin-rich food and the right balance of food groups will help you to combat the signs of stress.

Create Some Comfort

You need to have a space in your home where you can shut the world out and just be. You can make a reading nook, maybe under the stairs, packed with beautiful lighting and soft pillows.

Getting cozy to combat stress

You could even invest in a giant beanbag to relax into when you need to feel surrounded by comfort (try  www.comfysacks.com). Ideally, you should have an area of your home that you keep separate from work and life that is just for you, which is why creating a reading nook can be a fantastic investment when it comes to managing stress levels.

Or maybe if you’re extremely lucky you could even look at getting some amazing home theater seating and have your own luxury cinema without leaving the house – so you can even curl up in your pyjamas while you’re there!


Doing something you love can really help you to unwind. Choose a new movie to sit and watch, binge on a boxset of your favourite TV show or even take yourself with friends to a theme park to scream on the high intensity roller coasters!

Journaling to help combat stress

Immersing yourself in a hobby that distracts you and makes time move that little bit faster is going to help you move forward. Even if you don’t have much time or money to spend on a hobby, you could try out something like bullet journaling, which lots of people swear by to keep stress in check.

You don’t have to be a slave to your stress triggers. The key is managing them and understanding how you can move forward to get through your stress faster and faster each time.

A cup of tea to relax

Everyone experiences stress, but when you learn to manage it your life can be far simpler and easier to cope with.

There’s never any need to stress out by yourself, so take the time to learn how to calm those inner worries and feel good about yourself, and talk to a trusted friend when you need to.

It’s all about balancing your hormones and your activities each day. The more you practice relaxation, the better you become at being able to balance out how you feel and combat your stresses!


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