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One of the great things about bullet journaling is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the system to get good results.

In my bullet journaling for beginners series, I recommend starting off with just a cheap notebook, a pen, a pencil, and a ruler.

In fact, you can get away without using a pencil and ruler if you want to – you’ll struggle without a notebook and pen though!

Having said that… it is always nice to treat yourself!

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Colourful Stationery On Desk

As you progress with your bullet journal, a few more bits and pieces can be useful – particularly if you like to get a bit creative with your spreads and collections.

Lovely bullet journal supplies can also make a great gift for bullet journaling friends and family (scroll down towards the bottom for my favourite gift ideas)!

There are lots of helpful dedicated bullet journal sites around to point you in the right direction. Something I noticed though, is that most are U.S. based, and it can be a bit challenging find the best UK buys. 

So, for all you lovely UK bullet journalers, allow me to present to you my top  UK bullet journal supplies and gifts… let me know if you decide to treat yourself! (And if you need to organize your new supplies, read this).

Top UK Bullet Journal Supplies

These are my top recommendations for supplies you’ll turn to again and again to make your bullet journal both practical and stylish…

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Bullet Journal Notebooks

The Leuchtturm (don’t ask me to pronounce that!) dotted notebook is generally recognised as the staple bullet journal notebook.

At around £12.99 (price varies between retailers), they’re not too expensive, are high quality, and work perfectly for bullet journaling since they come with an inbuilt index.

They come in a huge variety of different colours, and you can choose plain, lined, or dotted paper. I recommend dotted as they’re unobtrusive, but provide guidance for straight lines.

My current favourite Leuchtturm is this , available on Amazon UK.

Mint Coloured Leuchtturm Notebook Bullet Journal

If you fancy something a bit different though, I can’t recommend TK Maxx highly enough.

Their stationery section is heaven for bullet journal addicts (expect to find lovely arty supplies as well as notebooks), and they’re always very reasonably priced. Here’s just a small collection from one of my personal TK Maxx hauls!

Selection Of Notebooks From TK Maxx
Pens, Pens, Pens…

When it comes to pens, my undisputed bullet journaling favourite is the .

They write beautifully, work well for arty doodling, and dry really quickly (there’s nothing more annoying than a lovely black smudge mark all over your otherwise perfect page!).

If you’re buying bullet journaling pens as a gift, this multi-coloured pack of the , will always go down well.

Pigma Micron Fineliners Coloured for Bullet Journals

Once you have your regular pens sorted, you might like to get something for when you want to be a bit more creative and arty.

Look no further than a set of – the dual tip means that you can use them for both finelining and brush colouring.

Tombow Brush Pens for Bullet Journal UK

Colouring in!

You might not have picked up a colouring pencil since you left school, but trust me when I say that using them to brighten up your bullet journal can be strangely addictive!

Prismacolor Colouring Pencils for Bullet Journal UK

I love this set of , as they’re so versatile.

You can achieve a variety of tones depending on the amount of pressure you use (unlike some cheaper pencils, they won’t just break when you push down a bit), and you can also get different effects by varying your shading technique.

I also love the matching for creating a soft smudgy look.

Prismacolor Colouring Pencils And Blender for Bullet Journal UK
Washi Tape

If you’ve never tried using , you don’t know what you’re missing!

Washi tape originated in Japan, and is basically a multi-purpose adhesive tape that comes in all sorts of lovely colours and patterns.

Washi Tape for UK Bullet Journal

It works especially well in bullet journals since you can write on it and reposition it, meaning that you can play about until you achieve the design you want.

A little word of warning though – tear off a small piece of tape to practice writing on before you write on the tape you’ve stuck in your journal, as some pen/washi tape combinations can result in the ink bleeding.

Washi tape is also fantastic to have for a number of handy bullet journal hacks!

Top UK Bullet Journal Gifts

And here are my top bullet journal gift picks for when you need to find a special something for the bullet journaler in your life! (Or indeed when you need to give them some gift ideas for your lovely self)…

Personalised Journal Stamp

£29.50, The English Stamp Company/ Not On The High Street

This beautiful personalised stamp makes such a lovely thoughtful gift. It’s great for giving any bullet journal a stylish and unique individual touch.

You choose the text (which could be something like ‘Sian’s Journal’, or an inspiring phrase) and ink colour, plus there’s an option to add extras such as a gift box and stationery.

This is the kind of thing that you’d probably never buy for yourself – and that makes it all the more special to receive.

Personalised UK Bullet Journal Stamp

Traveller’s Notebook Set

Traveller’s notebooks are becoming a popular alternative to the Leuchtturm notebook (see below) within the bullet journaling community.

What’s great about them is that they’re refillable, so you can customise the inserts and change them around over time.

I adore this stylish set, which includes the pen, a metal bookmark, a zipper pocket, a card-holder insert, and a pen holder.

Travellers Notebook Set for UK Bullet Journal

Calligraphy Set

£13.00, John Lewis

Know someone who’s ready to take their bullet journaling to the next level?! Then this calligraphy set is sure to go down well (maybe paired up with the book below?).

Calligraphy Set for UK Bullet Journal
Stylish Introduction to Calligraphy Book

How beautiful is this beginners calligraphy book?

If the reviews on Amazon are anything to go by, this one will be a surefire hit. I’d buy it just to look beautiful on the bookshelf!

Calligraphy Book for UK Bullet Journal

Scented Pens!

£15.00, John Lewis

And finally, if you have a younger bullet journaler in your life, they’re sure to love these mini scented gel pens (who knew?!). I can’t deny that I’m a little bit tempted myself!

Scented Pens for UK Bullet Journal

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The best UK bullet journal supplies and gifts

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