PoooliPrinter Review – An Honest Analysis and Guide!

As the title would suggest, here’s a helpful and honest little review of the PoooliPrinter, to help you decide whether or not it’s for you!

PoooliPrinter review bullet journal spread with black and white photos

First off let me give you a summary of my in-depth review, just in case you don’t want to spend too long on this!

PoooliPrinter Thermal Pocket Printer Review – Summary

PoooliPrinter PROS

  1. This is a very handy and compact little pocket printer.
  2. In my opinion the PoooliPrinter is good value for money (especially with my discount code, see below).
  3. You can purchase a wide variety of print materials, from patterned stickers to plain white paper.
  4. It never runs out of ink or smudges.
  5. It’s extremely easy to use with the free app.
  6. It’s great for bullet journaling (I’ve done some nice free printables for you at the bottom of this post) and school projects.
  7. Very good customer service if you have a problem.
  8. My six year old daughter thinks it’s cool.

PoooliPrinter CONS

  1. It only prints in black and white (although you can use colored/patterned papers).
  2. No next day delivery option. Express delivery is 3 days at best, free delivery is about a week.
  3. Although it’s very good value, it still comes in at around $100 (but remember to use that discount code for 15% off).
  4. Why is it called a PoooliPrinter? No one knows!

Overall then, you can see that on balance I think the PoooliPrinter is a sound purchase and I’d recommend getting one if you’re looking for a handy pocket printer.

PoooliPrinter and accessories for PoooliPrinter review

Now we’ve summarised, let’s get into the nitty gritty!

First off, I was lucky enough to be sent a PoooliPrinter pocket printer (the L2 model) by PoooliPrint, in exchange for an honest review.

As such, I’ve tested it extensively myself so that I can give you just that! And I’m happy to say that I honestly can recommend it.

PoooliPrinter have also kindly given me a 15% discount code to share with my readers, along with an affiliate link. You can use this link and the code TARA15 at checkout if you’d like to take advantage of that!

So if you’re not exactly clear on what a PoooliPrinter is, it’s a small pocket printer that uses thermal technology (ie there’s no ink to change, ever) to print photos, images and lists straight from your phone.

It works alongside a free app which provides templates for notes and lists, plus they have a great Pinterest board full of free printables for images and stickers (great for bullet journaling or scrapbooking). Check it out here or click on the image of some of their boards below…

The PoooliPrinter comes with a variety of colored and patterned papers and sticky papers and labels, which you can purchase seperately if you fancy adding a bit of color to your creations.

How to use a PoooliPrinter

When you recieve your PoooliPrinter, it’ll look something like this…

To start using it you need to:

  1. Plug it in to charge, using the cable in the box.
  2. Download to free app.
  3. Turn your PoooliPrinter on.
  4. Sync your PoooliPrinter with the app (either use bluetooth or print out a QR code directly from your PoooliPrinter).
  5. Load your chosen paper (very easy to do, you just stick it in).
  6. And off you go!

As it’s very simple to do you shouldn’t have any issues, but if you do you’ll find that the PoooliPrint team are very helpful and friendly.

Here’s what the app looks like once you open it up…

It’s an easy to use interface and pretty self explanatory.

To start off, let’s say I want to print off a photo of my daughter’s show and tell. This is her doing some activities for a school project on science…

Cute, yes?! And very messy.

Well then I just go to the ‘Print Photo’ option on the app homescreen and, well… I print the photo.

I print everything in the ‘dark’ option as I find it gives the best contrast.

This is perfect for show and tell school project where you just want quick and easy images so that they can have them literally within seconds.

For the same reason, the PoooliPrinter is also perfect for quickly creating ‘memory’ pages in bullet journals, scrapbooks, travel journals and the like.

Here’s my very own August 2020 memories spread in my bullet journal, followed by my October bullet journal monthly cover page.

Both of these were created literally within minutes!

Bullet journal monthly title page for PoooliPrinter review
Btw I downloaded the little calendar printable for free from saturdaygift.com

And if you need to quickly collate and print off a cool ‘to do’ list, you can do it within seconds – even while standing in line at the store.

PoooliPrinter to do list

This is an amazing way to keep your bullet journal looking amazing while saving A LOT of time. (Which is why I recommend the PoooliPrinter in this post on why bullet journals need not take up a lot of time!)

So you’re getting the idea, right?

To mix things up, you can use sticky paper, labels, colored and patterned paper, all of which are available from the PoooliPrint store (remember you can use my affiliate link and the code TARA15 for 15% off).

So what more can I tell you about the PoooliPrinter, other than that overall I think it’s a lovely product and that I recommend it?

I’m not sure… so in that case how about I just treat you to a few free printables I’ve created for you to use if you do decide to get one?

You can just screenshot these straight to your phone, then they’ll be available to print as photos on the PoooliPrint app.

I created them using Canva – a great free tool if you want to try creating something similar yourself.

I hope that you’ll like these for using in your bullet journal spreads… or just whatever you like really!

I’ve also created a Pinterest board of general PoooliPrint Inspo, so I’ll pop these on there too.

Plus a few more if you’re lucky 😉

And one last time, here’s my affiliate link and discount code for 15% off your PoooliPrinter:

Visit the PoooliPrint site here, and use the code TARA15 .

I hope you’ve enjoyed this PoooliPrinter review and found it helpful!

And enjoy your free printables…

UPDATE! November 2021 – I’ve created 53 FREE Christmas printables for you to use with your Poooli Printer. You can find them here. You don’t need to sign up to anything or even download them – they’re totally free, just click and print. You’re welcome!

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  1. September 24, 2021 / 7:20 am

    Tara!!!! Loved this, thank you… As a result, I have ordered a Pooli with your discount… CANNOT wait to receive it! Thank you xxx

    • Tara
      September 24, 2021 / 8:57 am

      Thanks Corrina, I’m so glad you found it helpful! I hope you enjoy using your Poooli – I’m sure you’ll love it!:)

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