“My Life Story” Journal

We just came across this while browsing for gifts and had to share it because it looks AMAZING!!

This HUGE journal (1080 pages!) is designed to cover a whole lifetime, a concept which sounds completely daunting, but which would be so amazing to have if you could manage to keep it up! It’s not a diary so doesn’t include your schedule, instead it’s comprised of lists and memories for you to record the ‘events of a lifetime’. There’s space to record your achievements, your favourite films and books, your goals and your ‘bucket list’, as well as a huge amount of other stuff.

‘My Life Story’ Journal
'My Life Story' Journal

You can view a selection of images from the journal here.

To maintain this journal you’d have to be pretty committed, although saying that it’s not the kind of thing you’d have to write in every day, or even every week for that matter. As long as you can remember to revisit the journal every so often then you should be able to record your most precious memories and life events.

If you have a son or daughter, you could try committing to the responsibility of creating it initially, and hope that they’ll take it on when they’re old enough. It’s a gamble, but what an amazing thing it could be for him or her to keep throughout their whole life to remember childhood and growing up.

It costs £35 from Suck UK, and we also found it at a reduced price in TK Maxx (although shouldn’t think it will stay in stock for long).

If you’re thinking this could be a special gift for a loved one then it’s worth knowing that they also do a couples version (wedding gift idea), a lifetime travel journal and a family cook book.

What do you think, are you considering buying one and do you think you could maintain it? And if you already have one we’d love to know what you think!




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