NEW May Bullet Journal Ideas You NEED to See!

These STUNNING May bullet journal ideas are all the inspiration you need for your May bullet journal cover pages, themes and spreads for 2023!

may bullet journal ideas

These are the freshest and most beautiful ideas for 2023 from across the internet, Pinterest and Instagram.

This selection of May bullet journal ideas includes May cover pages, general May bullet journal themes, and spreads. So whatever it is you need inspiration for… let’s do this!

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May Bullet Journal Themes and Cover Page Ideas

Let’s kick off with the most gorgeous May bullet journal ideas for themes and cover pages, then move on to spreads.

AMAZING blue floral May bullet journal idea

may bullet journal cover page
by constancechel on Inastagram

Wow. I first came across constancechel on Instagram last month for my April bullet journal ideas. Based on what I’ve now discovered while searching for May bullet journal ideas, I think it’s safe to say that I’m going to be coming back to her a lot!

This gouache paint May bullet journal cover page is simply stunning.

If you don’t want to use paint in your bullet journal, I recommend using this cover page for inspiration and creating your own with brush pens (the best ones are linked at the end of this post).

Magical May bullet journal cover page

may bullet journal themes idea
by planningwithkay on Instagram

Another stunning design by planningwithkay! I love this magical bullet journal idea and the vibrant bright colors for Spring.

You can see how the magical theme carries through the month…

may bullet journal idea for magical theme
by planningwithkay on Instagram

Black and white May bullet journal cover page

black and white may bullet journal cover page
by bujotrulla on Instagram

After those bright vibrant colors, this May bullet journal idea by bujotrulla shows that black and white can be just as stunning!

Although if you look carefully you can see that there is also some gorgeous pretty pink dotted about!

Sunny oranges May bullet journal cover page

may bullet journal idea with bright oranges
by ivanajournals on Instagram
may bullet journal theme with bright oranges
by littleolivebujo on Instagram

These happy vibe May bullet journal ideas by ivanajournals and littleolivebujo are the perfect theme to shift into gear for summer!

The brush pens and journal are linked at the end of this post.

Scrapbook style May bullet journal idea

may bullet journal theme idea in scrapbook style
by catinbox_ on Instagram

This gorgeous May cover page (or Maio in Portuguese!) by catinbox_ uses a stunning scrapbook style design.

The cute little touches like the animals make this a unique theme idea to continue through the month.

You can use a PoooliPrinter for things like the little calendar printouts and inspirational lettering and quotes. I love mine and have a code for 15% off – TARA15 – if you want to grab one for yourself!

Full page image May bullet journal cover pages

may bullet journal cover page art idea
by tiinanpaivakirja on Instagram
pastel colored may bullet journal cover page idea
by frai.oh on Instagram

These gorgeous May bullet journal cover pages by tiinanpaivakirja and frai.oh show how using a full page image can create a stunning monthly cover page.

If you don’t consider yourself to be an artist, just find a lovely image to cut/print out and stick.

Lovely lunar May bullet journal cover page!

gold moon illustration for may bullet journal idea
by zpiecesdigital on Instagram

This lunar/floral May cover page by zpiecesdigital is simply stunning!!

You can recreate it with this amazing ‘starry color’ paint set, which has some of the most amazing reviews I’ve seen.

Beautiful mermaid May theme

mermaid themed may bullet journal idea
mermaid themed may bullet journal spread
by rem.bujo on Instagram

This stunning mermaid May bullet journal theme idea by rem.bujo is easy to recreate with mildliners and brush pens – linked at the end of the post.

Simple floral May bullet journal idea

floral may bullet journal idea for cover page
by livingletterplans on Instagram

This simple floral design by livingletterplans is perfect for any Spring theme, and makes a gorgeous May bullet journal cover page.

Again a Poooliprint is great for these little calendars (use TARA15 for 15% off).

Gorgeous greenery May bullet journal idea

folliage themed may bullet journal cover idea
by y.visualss on Instagram

If you’re not up for florals for your May theme, how about a greenery inspired May bullet journal cover page like this lovely one by y.visualss?

Mystical May cover page idea

by plinthced on Instagram

Such a beautiful enchanted theme by plinthced.

Created with mildliners, brush pens and washi tape – all linked at the end of the post – plus lots of imagination and style!

Disney’s Merida theme – why not?

by 11cikitab on Instagram

Wow! This clearly took some serious dedication!

If you’re after something really different for your May bullet journal theme why not take inspiration from this stunning cover from 11cikitab on Instagram?

And why stop at Merida from Brave? You could go all out with Disney princesses for the month’s theme!

All the colors of the rainbow

by bujo_bangalore on Instagram

If you find coloring in therapeutic, treat yourself to a May cover page like this one by bujo_bangalore!

May bees and forget-me-not blooms theme

pretty mushrooms and blooms may bullet journal idea
by somekindwords_ on Instagram

This cute bees and forget-me-not floral theme by somekindwords is perfect for May.

Blue and yellow are perfect colors for a May bullet journal theme as they’re really fresh and contrast well together.

And the envelope idea is fantastic if you need a little spot for tickets, receipts etc.

Cut-out May bullet journal cover page idea

by lucyandherjournal on Instagram

This tonal May cover page by lucyandherjournal is a great example of how you can still create a lovely bullet journal theme, even when you’re not feeling artistic!

Using cut out art, photos and letters can be just as pretty.

If you want your bullet journal cover page to extend into a theme for the month, keep things in the same color palette. Then you can stick to those tones for the whole month.

May Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Stunning butterfly cut-out spread idea!

may bullet journal spread idea with purple butterfly
by alionsworld on Instagram

Wow, this butterfly bullet journal idea for May by alionsworld is amazing!

This is deceptively simple to create, though very fiddly!

Simply cut out a standard dutch door by cutting away two opposite pages in the middle of a two page spread, then draw on your butterfly outline and cut away!

I suggest coloring the butterfly first it’s less fiddly that way.

Vibrant May bullet journal weekly spread

beautiful purple flowers theme may bullet journal spread
by constancechel on Instagram

This is the May bullet journal weekly spread which goes with the May cover page by constancechel in the first section.

I’m honestly not sure which one I think is the more stunning!

Simply gorgeous.

Spring blooms May bullet journal spread

may bullet journal idea with pastel flowers for weekly spread
by lil._.bujo on Instagram

Back to traditional Spring pastels with the gorgeous May bullet journal weekly spread by lil._.bujo.

Despite the fact that theres a lot going on in this pretty weekly spread, it’s quite quick and easy to recreate since she’s used cut-outs.

I’ve linked to some amazing brush pens like the ones used, and all other supplies, at the end of this post.

Cute cats May weekly spread idea!

cats themed may bullet journal spread
by barbarahaegerart on Instagram

Such a cute and unusual bullet journal idea by barbarahaegerart! The cute cats make a really unique May bullet journal theme idea.

The mildliners are linked at the end of the post.

And fish!

fish themed may bullet journal spread
by catsplanner on Instagram

This fabulous fishy May weekly spread by catsplanner better not get too close to the previous May bullet journal idea!

An outfit planning May bullet journal idea!

may bullet journal spread idea with outfit illustration
by bujoforstars on Instagram

Something a bit different here by bujoforstars!

This gorgeous ‘outfit’ spread would be a great idea for when you’ve got a big event planned with a great new outfit… or just because it’s a cute spread idea!

Bright citrus May bullet journal spread

oranges may bullet journal spread
by littleolivebujo on Instagram

This gorgeously cheery May monthly spread by littleolivebujo follows the theme of her cover page in the first section.

The brush pens to recreate this are linked at the end of the post.

Artistic May bullet journal spread

by marthasjournal on Instagram

This gorgeous May bullet journal idea by marthasjournal shows how filling in the entire background with an image can create a dramatic spread.

Simple floral May weekly spread

by livingletterplans on Instagram

A stunning traditional May theme idea by livingletterplans – lovely!

Delicate florals May theme idea

by procrastinstudy on Instagram

So pretty, and so perfect for a May bullet journal idea. This weekly spread by procrastinstudy is gorgeous.

Pretty pastel dutch doors

by tabi.journals on Instagram

This multi dutch door layout by tabi.journals is so unique!

She’s created a tab for each week of May to have its own mini schedule with easy access.

Then tied it all together with pretty spring pastel shades, perfect for May.

Pretty purple theme for May

by bujo.xx

These purple blooms make a stunning but simple May bullet journal spread by bujo.xx.

This design is easy to recreate with some super-soft coloring pencils and a color blender – both linked along with other essential supplies at the end of the post!

I hope you’ve enjoyed all of these May bullet journal ideas and that they’ve helped to give you lots of inspiration!

Remember you can also check out my huge selection of bullet journal spreads and posts for most other monthly ideas too if you need even more inspiration!

And if you’re looking for some amazing new bullet journal supplies – well then look no further!…

Essential Bullet Journal Supplies – tried and tested!

Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook the essential notebook for bullet journaling

Sakura Pigma Micron Fineliners perfect black fineliners

Zebra Mildliners subtle highlighter fine pens

Pastel Stabio highlighters lovely pastel highlighters

Sharpie gold paint pens especially great on black paper

Amazingly soft coloring pencils addictive to use, so useful

Color blender to blend the lovely pencils!

Those brush pens! all round essential for bullet journal coloring

Poooliprinter amazing gadget for quick and easy stunning spreads – USE CODE TARA15 FOR 15% OFF

Stunning floral dot grid notebook lovely journal with black pages and gorgeous floral cover

‘Starry color’ watercolor paints a little extra to add a stunning shimmering touch to your bullet journal!

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