How To Use Packing Cubes To Organize Your Suitcase!

So, you ask, what are packing cubes? Are we the only ones who had never heard of these things before? They made packing so much easier and can help you feel much more organized – and when you’ve left all your packing until the last minute and are rushing round in a manic state, that’s a really good thing!!

So if you could do with a bit of calm and collected holiday planning in your life, then read on to find out how to use packing cubes to organize your suitcase…

Packing suitcase with pink packing cubesIn case we’re not the only ones who’d never heard of them before, allow us to explain what packing cubes are. Basically, they’re cube shaped soft cases, that zip up around the top and allow you to roll, fold, and separate your packing into different sections. You can then arrange the cases (they come in varying sizes) in your main suitcase, and unpack in an ordered fashion when your reach your destination! It can also be handy to keep some things in their cases (travel adapters/electrics, and first aid supplies), to keep things organized in drawers and on shelves.

Packing cube with organized clothesThis cute of travel cubes is a bargain at £8.99 if you fancy giving them a go. This set comes in a variety of colours and patterns ranging from ultra-girly to minimalist to man-ish (new word for the day), and also includes three laundry pouches.

Mint green polka dot packing cubesIt’s probably fair to say that this set isn’t exactly going to last a life-time, but then at for a full set that’s only to be expected. However, ordering something inexpensive initially, then spending a bit more on a hardwearing set further down the line if you get on well with them, can be a good plan. If you’re a convert then you might want to invest in a more sturdy set like below. Incidentally, even if the first set didn’t last more than a few trips, you could cut the top bit off and keep the base for a pretty storage container, maybe in an underwear drawer or linen cupboard.

Grey Hardwearing Packing CubesSo there you go, that’s just a little review of our new find! Sometimes it’s just the little things like this that can help you feel a bit calmer and more in control. Let us know if you give these a go and what you think – happy packing!

PS Oh my goodness, look what we just found while researching the hardwearing packing cubes – this suitcase with integrated shelves looks amazing!! It’s out of stock on the retailer’s website at the time of writing, and there’s no price on there. It’s probably ridiculously expensive, but hey – we can dream!…

ShelfPack suitcase with integrated shelves

How to use packing cubes to organize your suitcase
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