How To Create A Capsule Jewelry Collection

A capsule jewelry collection is a small assortment of versatile jewelry pieces that you love to wear. It is building a collection of jewelry that’s personalized to you and that you can mix and match so that you have something to wear for any occasion that you might need it for!



When making your own capsule collection you can choose from what you already have, go out and buy some new pieces that you like, or you can do both. That’s the nice thing about making a capsule collection; it is a collection that is totally customized to your preferences.

You are putting your heart and soul into selecting pieces for your collection that you will truly love and that are versatile enough to be worn on any occasion.

Pick Your Base Metal

Are you more of a silver or gold person? This is one of the first things you will have to decide before you start to build your collection. This will help to ensure that all the pieces in your collection are cohesive and will mix and match well.

This also helps others to choose a piece for you if they want to get you a gift. If you decide you like both then you can mix and match base metal if you’re smart about it – it’s completely up to you.

Pick a Color

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If you only want to have metal pieces in your collection and not any type of stones or other pieces with color than you don’t have to worry about picking a color.

However, if you want to have color in your collection then you should decide what color you like best. This will be your personal accent color and will ensure that it is easy for you to mix and match any of your pieces and also allows you to focus on this color when searching for new pieces to add to your collection.

One Piece at a Time

If you want to work on building your own capsule jewelry collection then you should focus on getting one piece from each category at a time. It can be a bit expensive to start out building up your collection, so if you do it one piece at a time it’s a little less overwhelming.

You should pick one bracelet, one ring, one set of earrings, and so forth. You may also choose to add a show-stopping piece to your collection. The choices are endless and completely up to you as you personalize your collection.

The easiest way to start your collection is to begin with what are considered classic pieces such as chains for your necklace that you can add different pendants to. Alternatively, maybe even a plain bracelet that you can add bangles to over time. Another idea is to get a ring that is stackable so you can mix and match that as well. The possibilities go on and on.


Remember that as you are building your collection, it is something that is very personal and unique to your own likes and taste. Choosing your pieces based on the connection they have to a significant time in your life can make your collection even more personal. This allows you to tell a story with all of the pieces you have picked out.

This is something you are doing for yourself. This is also something that will make getting ready for your day a little bit easier.

If you already have a great collection of jewelry to choose from that is made up of the most basic pieces then it won’t be difficult to figure out what you want to pair them with for the day and you will always look put together.

This movement of picking your own capsule jewelry collection is here to stay and is an ingenious way to make sure that you don’t have to start over every time you have a new outfit you want to wear or have a new party to go to.

You will always have confidence that you have the right piece that will make you feel in style but will also be a comfort to you especially if it’s a piece that you have chosen to add to your collection because it has sentimental value.

Get out there and start your own capsule collection now, and before you know it you will have all the pieces you’ll ever need!



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