Completely FREE ‘Kindness Journal’ Printable for kids!

This post has a totally free Kindness Journal printable for kids, which you can print out in full, or use bits of it as free printable kindness worksheets.

Now, you know I love giving you free printables on Slightly Sorted, but I don’t usually do free printables for kids!

However, you may or may not know that as well as running this site, I also write children’s books.

I created a Kindness Journal for Kids to go alongside one of my books, and thought that it would be nice to make it available to everyone for free here too.

Free kindness printables for kids

So, if you have a special small person in your life, you can print this children’s Kindness Journal out for them for free, or scroll all the way through to find the bits you’d like to use as free kindness worksheets. If you’re looking for individual kindness worksheets then be sure to scroll all the way through – the Kindness Journal has lots of identical daily pages to fill in, but there are also individual pages to fill in and/or for inspiration at regular intervals all the way through to the end.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling flush, head on over to Amazon to buy the paperback version along with the story book (if you’re in the UK use this link)!

I hope your small person loves their free kindness printables 🙂 I’d love to hear in the comments how they get on with them!

Please note: this free Kindness Journal printable is offered for personal use only. No part of it may be sold or used for any commercial purposes, or replicated or altered in any way for commercial use. If you would like to offer this free Kindness Journal printable on your own website you are welcome to do so along with full credit to the author and a link to the author page on Amazon which is here .

So with that out of the way, you can just click here or on the journal page image below, and get on with printing your free Kid’s Kindness Journal!…

Free Kindness Journal Printable For Kids PDF

If you’d like to know more about my children’s books you can visit my author page on Amazon or head on over to my author website, where I aim to include more free goodies soon!


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