Finding The Confidence To Wear The Dresses You Love

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Dresses are arguably the single most difficult garment to wear with confidence.

There are a variety of reasons many women struggle to wear dresses, ranging from body confidence issues – such as feeling that their shape is not suitable for dresses, or worrying that dresses display more of their body than they are comfortable with – to concerns over age, or whether dresses are “appropriate” for more relaxed occasions. These concerns can lead many women to embrace all kinds of outfits and garments, but dresses are left by the wayside – and that’s a real shame.

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The delight of dresses

  • Dresses are the ultimate simple choice, an outfit in and of themselves. If you’re short on time and want to look presentable, a dress is the quickest and easiest way to achieve this goal.
  • Dresses are easy to customize; you can add jewelry, a belt, cardigans, or just a great pair of shoes to add your own sense of style to the basic design.
  • Dresses can be dressed up or down. The same dress can be paired with sandals and a cardigan for a light daytime look, or with sleek jewelry and high heels for an instant transformation to night-time glamor.

If you have always eschewed dresses for any reason, it’s well worth challenging your concerns and embracing the versatility, simplicity, and effortless style that dresses are able to bring to your closet – and here are a few tips that can help you achieve just that.

#1 – Find a dress you love

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Trying to persuade yourself to wear a dress you like, but don’t love, is rarely successful for those who have always resisted dresses. To truly incentivize yourself, visit an online dress boutique or your preferred mall and browse until you find a dress that you are genuinely passionate about; the kind of dress that is so aligned with your personal style, it seems like it was made just for you. By finding the perfect dress, you’re all the more likely to want to push past your concerns and wear it.

#2 – Practice specific movements while wearing the dress

The wrong dress can be problematic when moving in a certain way, and concerns in this regard can make women want to avoid wearing dresses altogether – so make sure you’re comfortable by moving around a bit at home before you wear it out.

#3 – Be prepared for comments

You may find that people comment on your outfit choice when you’re wearing a dress. The most common comment is along the lines of: “oh, are you going anywhere nice?” – a comment that can shrivel your confidence if you take it as a hint that you’re overdressed.

However, try to remember the golden rule of style: if you feel good in your perfect dress, then any occasion is the ideal one on which to wear the outfit.

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So if someone asks if you’re “going somewhere nice”, just shrug and say, no, you simply love the dress and wanted to wear it – because the only person who should influence what you choose to wear is you.

Hopefully, with the above in mind, you will feel confident enough to begin to include dresses in your wardrobe. Enjoy!


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