Do Personal Trainers Need a Website? Some VERY Useful Advice!

Do personal trainers need a website? If you’re a personal trainer trying to decide whether or not you really need a website, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m going to go in-depth on the question of whether or not personal trainers need a website and give you absolutely all the information you need.

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And then I’m going to show you exactly what to do if you want to make a successful and professional personal trainer website for yourself, very easily and very inexpensively.

As someone who has created multiple successful websites and blogs, and loved every minute, I want to share what I’ve learned with you to help make your life easier!

But before we dive in deep, let’s answer the question – do personal trainers need a website?

Yes, personal trainers do need a website! A website is essential if you want to attract new clients, showcase what makes you an amazing personal trainer, and appear professional. Creating a personal trainer website is easy and well worth the effort.

But the fact that you need a website doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to spend lots of money, or that you need some impressive techie skills to make one yourself!

I have tons of experience in this area, so I’m going to explain everything you need to know to understand why personal trainers need a website. And I’ll make sure that you can get one in the best way possible that’s right for YOU!

This page uses affiliate links – if you click on a link I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you; as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases – thank you!

If you now want to skip straight to creating your own personal trainer website rather than reading my advice below, you can go right to my beginner’s step by step guide on how to start a website, or go straight over to bluehost to start your website with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Why personal trainers need a website

We’ve already established that personal trainers do need a website.

Now let’s go a little more in-depth into why personal trainers need a website!

So that potential clients can find you

Personal trainers need a website so that their potential clients can find them!

This is, perhaps, the most important reason for getting a professional personal trainer website. Assuming that you do want new clients!

The first thing most people do when they want to find a personal trainer, is look for one in their area on google.

looking for a personal trainer website on google

And when they do, you want them to find YOU!

There are some very easy steps you can take to optimize your site for google searches, to give you the best chance of appearing at the top of google searches.

And I’ll explain what those things are, plus lots more helpful advice – very soon!

Potential clients might also search on your name (or your business’ name) if they’ve been given a recommendation.

In that situation, so long as you have a website, google will likely show them your website as the first option.

It’s an easy win – your website gives you the perfect opportunity to get your contact details in front of potential clients, making it as simple as possible for them to get in touch.

Bear in mind that google is going to return a website result over a social media hit. So even if you’re well established as a personal trainer on facebook, for example, remember that doesn’t always help when it comes to a google search.

Let’s look at two more important reasons why personal trainers need a website.

To ensure you appear professional

If a potential client searches for you and finds an attractive professional website, it’s likely they’ll get in touch to take things further.

On the flip side, if they don’t find a website it can make you seem less professional and less well-established.

Basically, people expect that if you’re a professional you’ll have a professional website.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a fancy website – but it has to be there!

example of attractive images on a personal trainer website

While social media can be a great tool for promoting your personal training business and attracting new clients, it’s much better if you have a website too.

Bear in mind too that there is a trend towards people moving off social media for various reasons, so you’re limiting your reach if you use social media alone.

To show off!

Your website gives you the perfect opportunity to show potential clients how good you are!

You can post your amazing reviews from previous and current clients, and let people know that you’re the right personal trainer for them!

Your personal trainer website also gives you an opportunity to explain exactly what you can do for your clients, and perhaps list your qualifications too.

Potential clients will also find you more approachable if they read some friendly words from you on your website and include a photo of yourself.

It can be quite intimidating for some people to ‘cold-call’ a person or business, so use your website to knock down that barrier too.

Which can then lead to a brand new client!

New clients from a personal trainer website

How to make an amazing personal trainer website

So now that you understand why personal trainers need a website, how are you going to get one?

If you have the budget, you can pay a web designer to create one for you.

But my recommendation is to just make one for yourself!

It’s easy, fun (really!), and you’ll save a ton of money.

Before I created multiple successful blogs and websites I had no techie know-how what-so-ever. But when I took the plunge and created my own website I couldn’t believe how achievable it was.

And how much I loved doing it!

I promise you that you can make an amazing personal trainer website for yourself, easily and inexpensively.

Prepare to take that plunge and create something you’re going to be really proud of!

I’m about to give you some tried, tested and very valuable advice to help you make sure your website is ACTUALLY AMAZING!

But if you’re itching to get going, just hop over to my easy step by step guide to make your own personal trainer website, or head straight to bluehost to get set up – but make sure to come back afterwards because this advice really will help you out.

Ready to get started on bluehost for the cost of a monthly latte with a 30 day money back guarantee?

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Essential advice for making your own personal trainer website

So here’s my advice that’s going to take your website from a good website to an awesome website – very easily.

You’d be surprised by how much some very small steps can really give you the edge in terms of the quality of your site.

Remember that you can go straight over to bluehost for an easy set up process, or follow along on my step by step guide. That’ll make the practical side of things very easy, but here’s what’s really going to take your site up a notch…

The basics:

  • If you need some extra high quality photography for your site, head to Unsplash and Canva (you can just use the free version of Canva). They both have lots of fantastic exercise themed photos you can use on your personal trainer website. Don’t use random photos from the internet as they may be copyrighted.

Here’s an example of a free photo from Canva, there are literally thousands to choose from…

free images for personal trainer website
  • With that said, consider using photos of you training your clients too (with their permission of course!). Most importantly, do include a photo of yourself as it helps to ‘begin the conversation’ with your potential client by making you more relatable and approachable.
  • Use your pictures strategically, making sure that your site stays clear and uncluttered. And make sure they’re cohesive in style so you don’t run the risk of your website looking messy. A chaotic looking website can be off-putting to potential clients.
  • Make sure your contact details are clear and placed at regular intervals throughout your site, in addition to a dedicated contact page. You want to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to become new clients!
  • Add your brand new website address to your existing marketing materials and run a launch campaign over your social media channels. And encourage as much sharing as possible!
  • Consider using good SEO and a blog to increase your chances of being found on google – keep reading for more info on this one, as it can be extremely powerful!

How to make sure your personal trainer website shows up on google

If you really want to attract new personal training clients with your website, you need your website to show up on google!

Not only do you need it to show up, you also need it to show up near the top of the results page – ideally in first place.

So how do you make sure that your personal trainer website is the one that shows up first for a search in your locality?

There are two main ways: SEO and a blog

Personal trainers need a website that shows up on google

Using SEO on your personal trainer website

Knowing just a little about SEO – Search Engine Optimization – can make a HUGE difference to how your site performs on google (and other search engines!).

There are companies set up purely to help their clients implement good SEO on their websites, and there are lots of techniques used to make it work well. But fortunately you don’t need them to make sure that your personal trainer website gets to the top of google!

I’ve utilised quite basic SEO techniques across my websites, and it has skyrocketed my success.

And when you’re using it to promote a business or service within a particular location, you’re only competing with other businesses in that area to get to the top of google. Not similar businesses all across the world! Having low competition means that it’s even easier to succeed with SEO.

These are my top tips for using the power of SEO to skyrocket your profile on google searches:

  • Make sure you have a good quality website that is made using the correct process. Just follow my step by step guide or sign up on bluehost, and you’re sorted on this one.
  • Think about the potential clients you’re trying to appeal to the most, and consider what terms they’re likely to be searching for. Firstly, it’s likely to be ‘personal trainer’ and your local area. So be sure to use that phrase strategically throughout your website, possibly even as a tagline to your main website header. Then google will be able to ‘see’ that your website is the best result for that search term. You can also consider adding other more specific variations like ‘female personal trainer’ in your area, or ‘running personal trainer’, depending on your speciality.
  • Install the ‘Yoast SEO’ plugin on your site (if you’re using WordPress) to help guide you through the SEO process. This is discussed in more depth in my step by step guide and when you set up a website with bluehost, so don’t panic!
  • Include a personal training blog on your website!…

This page uses affiliate links – if you click on a link I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you; as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases – thank you!

Including a blog in your personal trainer website

How to make a personal trainer blog on your website desktop image

Writing a regular blog on your personal trainer website is one of the most powerful ways to make your site come out top on google searches.

You certainly don’t have to do this – you’re website will still be amazing without it! – but it’s a real bonus if you do.

It’s super-simple to add on a blog section to your personal trainer website, and it’s easy to maintain. You just write about something relevant that you’ve done, or something you know about, every month or every week… or just whenever you can!

Not only does google ‘like’ websites that are updated regularly, your blog also provides excellent material for frequent social media updates and sharing opportunities. It also gives you more opportunities to use the search terms we talked about in the last section. You can just incorporate them naturally within your blog posts.

You can blog about your recent personal training successes, but also about any other relevant topic.

Enjoy this opportunity to write about something you love! Your posts don’t have to be long, and you can just add them whenever time allows, but adding a blog in this way can really help push you to the top of those google searches.

Adding a blog to your personal trainer website is easy. It’s covered in my step by step guide and is basically a tick-box option when you set up your website on bluehost.

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How to actually create your personal trainer website!

Now’s the time to actually start creating an awesome new personal trainer website!

There are three easy and inexpensive ways you can get started right now:

1 – Go to bluehost web hosting and follow their easy process to create your own WordPress website. I recommend them partly because they’re low cost – roughly equivilant to the price of a latte once a month! However bluehost also offer very high-quality hosting, have great customer service, and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


2 – Use my step by step guide if you need some extra help! It makes things super-easy as it explains literally every single step you need to take, along with screen shots. You can still go to bluehost first if you prefer, then refer back to the guide if you need to.


3 – Though my preferred option is to use WordPress to set up my websites (which options 1 and 2 do), I also think that Wix is a great alternative. It’s particularly good if you want to get your website done extremely quickly, and you know that you won’t be needing fancy features or spending much time updating your site. Wix sites have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, so if anyone tells you that they’re a rubbish option, take it with a pinch of salt. Their knowledge is likely to be out of date, because Wix is a perfectly good option now, and you can use it to create a stunning website very quickly.

Awesome personal trainer website inspiration!

I encourage you to start right away – strike while the iron is hot and go create your own amazing personal trainer website today!!

how to make a makeup artist website motivational image

As soon as your new site is up and running, head back over here for some amazing personal trainer websites to inspire you!

Use them to help motivate you to create a website you’re really proud of.

I wish you lots and lots of luck for creating your own awesome personal trainer website. It’ll be sooo worth it.

You can do this!!!

Remember that my easy step by step guide is here to help you.

Ready to get started on bluehost with a 30 day money back guarantee?

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