DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts – 17 Amazing Ideas, Plus 3 Cheats!

You may feel like you’re not over Christmas yet, but believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Don’t worry if Christmas has burned a hole in your pocket though, there are some amazing ideas around for DIY Valentine’s Day gifts you can make yourself. They’re loads of fun to create too! And don’t worry, we’ve carefully selected an array of DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that will be genuinely well received, so you won’t feel like you’re scrimping! Quite the opposite in fact, as all of the DIY Valentine’s Day gifts we’ve chosen are beautiful, thoughtful, and in several cases, delicious!
DIY Valentines Gift Ideas
We’d choose to receive these gorgeous DIY Valentine’s Day gifts over shop-bought ones every time, but if you can’t spare the time, or would rather buy something beautiful instead, we’ve included a few ‘cheat’ options for you at the bottom! They all look beautiful enough to be handmade, but you can order them in seconds on line!

Happy crafting, and have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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Amazing DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

‘You’re the bomb’ Valentines bath bombs

DIY Valentines Gifts Ideas Bath Bomb
Image from

These ‘You’re the bomb’ Valentines bath bombs are gorgeous and sure to be a hit. Not least because of the promise of a romantic bath to go with them!

They make a perfect gift, and are relatively straightforward to make. Head over to to find out how!

If you don’t fancy making them yourself, cheat with these lovely ones on Amazon (see pics below, along with some more cheats!).

Map roses

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Map Roses
Image from

These beautiful map roses aren’t something you’re going to be able to throw together in half an hour, but if you can spare the time and effort, you’re going to be so proud of the beautiful gift you create. These can be made really personal since you can select maps of special places you’ve been together, or hope to go. You can also make them look more feminine or masculine depending on the colors you use, and you can choose to create just one beautiful bloom, or a whole bunch. Find all the details on

Classic red velvet cake

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Red Velvet Cake
Image from

A delicious red velvet cake is a classic Valentines treat! If you enjoy baking, or want to give it a go, we recommend this lovely recipie on This really isn’t just any old cake, and is sure to be immensely appreciated by anyone with a sweet tooth!

Romantic wall decor

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Romantic Wall Decor
Image from

This gorgeous romantic wall decor will be treasured for a lifetime, and will look really stylish in your lounge or bedroom. What’s more, you don’t have to go for traditional red or pink hearts, you can customize things to fit with your own color schemes. Find out how to make it at

Heart shaped banana pancakes

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Heart Shaped Pancakes
Image from

Treat your other half to a delicious breakfast in bed with these special heart shaped banana pancakes. We recommend serving them up with fresh strawberries to make them look even more romantic! Find the recipe on You’ll need a heart-shaped pancake cutter, but they’re pretty cheap.

Valentine kisses mugs

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Kisses Mug
Image from

Here’s a simple but lovely Valentines Kisses mug. The minimalistic design makes it a stylish choice, and it’ll probably end up being the most used out of all these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts!
You can find the details on

Pink valentines popcorn!

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Pink Popcorn
Image from

We love this pink Valentines popcorn! A great gift if you’re planning a Valentines movie night, and would also make a lovely little present for a friend, to show them you’re thinking of them on Valentine’s Day! The instructions are over on

Ombre heart macarons

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Ombre Macarons
Image from

Just how gorgeous are these Ombre Heart Macarons?? It would almost be a shame to eat them. Almost, but they do look incredibly delicious as well as ridiculously pretty! These would make a fantastic gift at any time of the year, but of course the hearts work especially well for Valentines, and you can personalize them with the letters. The recipe is on (which also has a huge amount of other ridiculously pretty stuff on it!!).

Fun donut boxes (free printables!)

DIY Valentines Gifts Ideas Donut Boxes
Image from

These fun donut boxes are so cute, and so easy to make – since the ladies at have supplied free printables for you to create them with. They’re simple, but add an extra special touch to your baked goods!

Heart emoji donuts

DIY Valentines Gifts Ideas Heart Donuts
Image from

And of course, you’re going to need something to put inside your lovely donut boxes! Check out these fun ‘heart emoji’ donuts on

Valentines cocktails

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Pink Cocktails
Image from

How about an extra special and stylish start to your Valentines meal, with one of these amazing pink cocktails? They’re simple to make, but so pretty, and will add a thoughtful touch to your evening. You could even pair them with the pizzas below if you want to be a bit different! Learn how to make them at

Mini heart-shaped pizzas

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Heart Pizzas
Image from

Don’t worry if you’re not much of a cook, you can still create a low-key but special meal with these mini heart-shaped pizzas. Or maybe pack them up and head out for an unusual Valentines date with a winter picnic? Just wrap up, and you can always cuddle up to each other to keep warm! The recipe is over on

‘I Chews You to Be My Valentine’ sweetie bags

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Sweetie Bags
Image from

These little sweetie bags are so cute! They also make a good option for kids, if you’re trying to include them in your Valentines celebrations! Find them over on

Valentines sugar cookies

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Pink Heart Sugar Cookies
Image from

You can’t go too far wrong with some pink sugar cookies! Unless you eat them all while you’re baking. Then we can’t help you. We love this particular recipe on

Heart print treat wrapper

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Heart Treat Wrapper
Image by Ellie Miller on

And now you need somewhere to put your little sweet treats! Presenting them in this beautiful heart-print wrapping will make your gift extra special. Learn how to make it at

Lip print wrapping paper

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Lip Print Wrapping Paper
Image from

This lip print wrapping paper works just as well for a present as it does for a bunch of flowers. It’s sure to be appreciated as it’s so personal. And you can use making it as an opportunity to sort out your lipstick collection! Find the details on

Pretty fabric envelopes

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Fabric Envelopes
Image from

These pretty fabric envelopes on are a unique way of presenting smaller gifts, or a special card. Use the little tag on the corner to hang your envelope somewhere as a Valentines surprise!

And 3 Cheat Ideas that Look Handmade!

We love getting creative, and adore receiving handmade gifts. But unfortunately, there are times when you just don’t have the time or the energy to get creative. And that’s fine! If you like your gifts to have a homemade look, there are still tons of options that you can buy. Here are a few of our top choices for Valentine’s Day gifts that look handmade… but aren’t!

Romantic Bath Bombs

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Ideas Amazon Bath Bombs

If you don’t have time to make the bath bombs above for yourself, cheat with these beautiful ones ($17.99, Amazon), which look good enough to eat! But don’t eat them. A delicious meal + wine + a relaxing bath with these lovelies = the perfect evening.

Lovely Wall Art

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Wall Print

Or how about some simple yet gorgeous wall art to say how you feel? This beautiful print (above) by Fox & Fallow at Nordstrom ($25) says it all.

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Couples Print

Or you could go for something that really is handmade (by someone else!), like this absolutely gorgeous print on Amazon ($12.99).

Extra-Special Phone Cover

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Pretty Phone Cover

Okay, so no one’s really going to be convinced that this beautiful ‘Love Potion’ Kate Spade phone cover is handmade! But the embellishment and added detail give it a truly hand-crafted feel, and it really is completely gorgeous. Maybe one to put on your own wish-list if you’re too busy making beautiful DIY gifts for others! It’s around $50 from Nordstrom.

And, as always, it’s also worth checking out Amazon for less expensive alternatives.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

DIY Valentines Day Gifts Heart Phone Cover

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