DIY Spring Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home!

Amazing DIY Spring Decor Ideas

Spring has to be one of the most beautiful times of the year, and offers some of the best opportunities to bring the outside in and welcome the season into your home!

It’s amazing how just one simple stylish touch can add atmosphere and beauty to any room, and whether that means embarking on a weekend DIY Spring decor project, or a quick and easy floral display, is up to you.

I’ve scoped out some of the most beautiful, stylish, and accessible DIY Spring decor projects around, to give you some seasonal inspiration for beautifying your home for Spring!

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Spring Wallflowers

DIY Spring decor wallflowers
Image from

Let’s kick off with a DIY Spring decor project that’ll leave no-one in any doubt that Spring has sprung!

This gorgeous Spring Wallflower sign clearly isn’t a quick and easy project, but that said it’s actually fairly simple to recreate. You just need a wood board, wooden letters, a glue gun, plastic plug caps, and a ton of fake flowers (about 250!).

The tutorial on says it cost them around $5o for all the flowers, which isn’t too bad for such an amazing piece of DIY art. That said though, you could just make a smaller version if you wanted a lower-budget alternative. I love this and I think I’d look forward to getting it out year after year to welcome in the new season!

A Bright & Beautiful Fireplace

DIY Spring Decor Painted Logs Fireplace
Image from

This is a quicker and simpler project that’ll brighten up your whole room!

I think if I were doing this I’d paint in really bright colors, but you could stick to pastels for a more traditional Spring feel.

And of course, you don’t actually need a fireplace, you could just make a rustic-style feature out of a pile of logs. You can find all the details on

Stylish String Art

DIY Spring Decor String Art
Image from

This gorgeous string art has got to be one of the most original DIY Spring decor ideas I’ve seen! It’s simple, but really eyecatching and sure to be a definite talking point once you get it up on the wall.

The tutorial for this advises just nailing the flowers to the plank of wood. You can find a really good simple YouTube tutorial on something very similar here.

Gorgeous Painted Mason Jars

DIY Spring Decor Painted Mason Jars
Image from

And while we’re on the subject of good old mason jars, if you’re after a smaller DIY Spring decor project, then these pretty painted jars may be for you!

Filled with gorgeous pink blooms, they’re unmistakeably ‘Spring’, yet such an easy and simple idea. That said, if you want a really good finish on your mason jars, you need to do a bit more than just whack some paint on.

These ones are from, and there’s a detailed tutorial on getting the perfect finish. If you’re not a ‘pink’ person, maybe try out these pretty ones below? If you need to stock up on mason jars, you can usually find good bargains on Amazon.

DIY Spring Decor Floral Painted Mason Jars
Image from

Scandinavian Style Feather Tree

DIY Spring Decor Feather Tree
Image from

If you fancy something other than traditional spring blooms for your mason jars, how about this beautiful Scandinavian-style feather arrangement from I think this is perfect for Spring, and it’s nice to have something a bit different.

DIY Poured Paint Marble Planter

DIY Spring Decor Poured Paint Marble Planter
Image from

Sticking with the botanical theme, what do you think of this pretty marbled planter? You could do this in bright or pastel colors depending on what kind of a spring look you’re going for, and you could of course choose to do a vase rather than a planter if you wanted to stick with flowers. You’ll get the full tutorial for this on

Vintage Scarves Curtain

DIY Spring Decor Vintage Scarves Curtain
Image from

For an inexpensive and simple way to brighten up a room for Spring, how about creating a beautiful curtain made from vintage scarves?

This lovely idea from can be made to fit in with your color theme, but will look equally good with a multitude of colors and scarves of different designs – it’ll be completely unique to you, and you can often pick up pretty scarves very cheaply at flea markets and charity stores.

Unicorn Dream Catcher!

DIY Spring Decor Unicorn Dream Catcher
Image from

This amazing unicorn dream catcher from is an amazing DIY Spring decor idea for kid’s bedrooms! I know my little girl would LOVE this, hopefully I can find some time to give it a go!

As with many of these projects, you’ll need a hot glue gun to make this – for smaller projects like this I prefer to use a mini one. You can watch how to make this in this short vid…

Pretty Pastel Drawers

DIY Spring Decor Pastel Drawers
Image from

Remember that you can always just pick up some very inexpensive furniture or storage from Ikea or Amazon, and simply paint it in seasonal colors to suit your mood.

This set of painted storage drawers (on would transform a dreary desk, and also work well in kid’s rooms to brighten things up and store all their bits and bobs when you do the Spring cleaning (or when you try to get them to do it)!

Blooming Monogram

DIY Spring Decor Floral Letter
Image from

This floral filled monogram would look gorgeous on a bedroom wall. I also thought it would also make a perfect mother’s day gift, what do you think? It’s pretty simple to make, you need a paper mache letter in addition to the usual equipment you’d expect – such as your hot glue, fake flowers (like these ones), white spray paint and X-Acto knife. You can find the full tutorial on

DIY Cherry Blossom Blooms

DIY Spring decor paper cherry blossom
Image from

Cherry Blossom says ‘Spring’ like no other flower! The gorgeous pink blooms are so pretty, and if you’re lucky enough to have a Cherry Blossom tree in your garden then you’ll no doubt already have some beautiful floral arrangements around the house!

If you’re not that fortunate though, or if you’d like something a bit longer lasting, you can make these paper Cherry Blossoms to create a stunning display. These will take you a little while to make, and you’ll have to follow the tutorial carefully to make sure you get the perfect finish, but it’ll be well worth the effort!

Spring Floral Wreaths

DIY Spring Decor Floral Wreaths
Images from (top) and (bottom)

A Floral Wreath will make a pretty addition to your home at any time of year, but I think the two above are particularly perfect for Spring, you just need to decide whether you want to go for full-on floral, or a bit more minimalistic! The top one here uses a wreath base (tutorial here), and the bottom one uses a simple embroidery hoop (tutorial here).

Even More Flowers!! A Floral Chandelier

DIY Spring Decor Floral Chandelier
Image from

This floral chandelier would make a perfect DIY Spring decor project if you’re after an alternative to the usual dinner table center pieces! You’ll need an embroidery hoop once again, and this particular one uses fresh flowers, but you could of course use artificial if you’d prefer a longer-lasting display! Pop over here for the tutorial.

Cute Eggs!

DIY Spring Decor Spring Eggs
Image from

Look at these gorgeous illustrated Spring eggs!! I’m in love with these – I included some amazing unicorn eggs in my Easter craft ideas, which I thought were amazing, and these ones are just as beautiful! The faces on the eggs are transferred on with printable tattoo paper, and the tutorial includes free printables so that you can get it just right – clever!

Canvas Cherry Blossom Clock

DIY Spring Decor Cherry Blossom Clock
Image from Idunngoddess on YouTube

If you enjoy painting, why not have a go at this pretty cherry blossom clock, made with a simple 20×20 canvas? It’s simple to create, and a perfect project for anyone who finds painting relaxing. It’ll add a touch of Spring to your wall, and would also make a beautiful gift.

I’ve set the video tutorial below to start at the instructions for the clock, but if you like you can keep on watching it for more gorgeous ideas, including a flower pot pendant lamp and a grass book cover!!

DIY Spring Candle

DIY Spring Decor Floral Candle
Image from

The tutorial for this beautiful Spring candle on takes you right through the process of making a gorgeous scented candle from scratch. If you want though, you can cheat and just tie some pretty blooms around your shop-bought candles!

Gorgeously Over-the-top Spring Centerpiece!

DIY Spring Decor Spring Centerpiece
Image from

And to finish up… there’s nothing subtle about this eccentric Spring centerpiece – and I love it! You could have lots of fun creating this with kids if you rope them in to help collect the ‘ingredients’ from the garden! You can see all the details on this here.

Well, that just about does it! I hope this has helped you with ideas for some DIY Spring decor to brighten up your home – I would really love to hear from you if you’re going to try any of these out, or maybe you already have? Let me know!!

P.S. If you’re looking for even more ideas, you might want to take a peek at my top Easter DIY craft and decor ideas – there are some gorgeous ones in there!

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DIY Spring Decor

DIY Spring Decor
DIY Spring Decor
DIY Spring Decor

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