Beautiful DIY Easter Craft Ideas And Decorations

Can you believe that Easter is only a few short weeks away? Where did that time go? Anyone else feel like they only just got over Christmas?!

But over the past couple of weeks, there has been the tiniest sniff of spring in the air, which is enough to give our spirits a much-needed lift. And if you’ve not done so already, starting to get ready for Easter is a great way to start looking forward to Spring.

Easter celebrations don’t have to be expensive, and the fun isn’t all reserved for the kids! I’ve come up with a fantastic (and extensive!) round-up of some gorgeous DIY Easter craft ideas and DIY Easter decorations.

DIY Easter Craft Ideas and Easter Decorations

I’ve really scoured the internet for the prettiest and most fun ideas, so you don’t have to! So what are you waiting for? Without further a do, let’s dive into some amazing DIY Easter craft ideas and decorations… enjoy!

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Decorative Eggs

Nothing is more synonymous with Easter celebrations than eggs! So let’s start there, with these amazing ways to decorate eggs to turn them into designer Easter decorations!

Unicorn Eggs

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Unicorn Eggs
Image from

These unicorn eggs are amazing!! Definitely one of my favorite DIY Easter craft ideas of all time. All you need to recreate these is some tiny flowers like these, gold fabric, gold twine, hot glue and some felt (plus the eggs!).

Find all the instructions on

Gorgeous Gold Eggs

DIY Easter Craft Ideas gold eggs
Image from

Look at these gorgeous copper-gold eggs! Making them couldn’t be simpler, you just need some gold spray paint. This idea is from, I love it!

By the way, make sure no little ones try to eat your fancy decoration eggs, all this paint and glue really isn’t fit for human consumption, even if it does stay on the outside!!

Tie Dye Easter Eggs

DIY Easter craft ideas tie dye eggs
Image from

Tie Dye Easter eggs, who’d have thunk it!

A big bowl of these would make a great dinner table centre-piece. All you need to make them is some food coloring, kitchen towels, and rubber gloves if you don’t want tie dye hands too. Find the tutorial over at

Pretty Glittery Eggs!

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Glittery Eggs
Image from

These decorated eggs are so pretty! Although you could decorate real eggs in a similar way, if you want to hang these up like the ones in the picture, you’ll need to get yourself some wooden eggs and eye pins to work with. Find the whole tutorial over on

And when you’ve finished, how about hanging your gorgeous glitter eggs on a simple white tree like the one below, for a stunning indoor Easter display. You can get a similar white tree with LED lights on Amazon.

Image error

For more tree decorating ideas, head over to

Mason Jars

Good old mason jars can be used in a multitude of ways to make gorgeous decorations, and lovely pots for Easter gifts. You can pick up great deals on mason jars on Amazon.

Easter Bunny Mason Jars

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Easter Bunny Mason Jars
Image from

Ahh, how cute are these Easter Bunny mason jars! They’re so gorgeous, yet so easy to make. You’ll need some hot glue again, and don’t forget your bunny ears! This lovely idea is from

Tissue-Paper Flower Mason Jar Gift

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Tissue Paper Flowers Mason Jar
Image from

How about these sweet tissue-paper flower mason jar gifts? So simple, yet so lovely! You’ll find them at

Painted Easter Bunny Jars

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Painted Easter Bunny Jars
Image from

You could also try painting your mason jars, or use baby food jars too like these cute white bunnies! Just grab yourself some white spray paint and pink/black acrylic paint, and get busy! Find these over on

Floral DIY Easter Craft Ideas

Nothing says Spring like some beautiful blooms! Celebrate Easter, and the arrival of Spring, with one of these gorgeous DIY floral Easter decoration ideas.

Umbrella Wreath

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Umbrella Wreath
Image from

This umbrella wreath from is amazing (and what a cool name for their website too!). This arrangement is super simple to make, and you can use artificial or real flowers. If you’re going for fresh flowers, you can use some floral water tubes to keep them fresh for longer.

Tissue Flower Garland

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Tissue Flower Garland

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Tissue Flower Garland
Image from

If you’re after some bright and bold Easter decor, try out this simple tissue flower garland from – although you could of course make it with pretty pastel colors if you prefer! It’s simple to make, just grab some pretty tissue paper and some glue dots, and get to it.

Simple Floral Wall Hanging

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Floral Wall Hanging
Image from

If you’re ready to take on a little DIY project, these minimalist fresh-flower wall hangings may be just what you’re after. Perfect for Easter’s spring blooms, they’ll take a little bit of effort to create, but really are well worth it. The tutorial is over at

Floral Bunny Headband

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Floral Bunny Headband
Image from

I couldn’t resist including this floral bunny-ears headband! What a fun idea, and a great alternative to a traditional Easter bonnet.

You can create something very similar using ready-made bunny ears, or make your own lace ears like the picture, using some wire, lace and a headband. You’ll also need your good old hot glue again, and of course some pretty artificial flowers. The tutorial is on

Rustic DIY Vase Centrepiece

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Rustic Vase
Image from

This gorgeous DIY rustic vase will make a beautiful centrepiece for your Easter dining table. It’s made by using hot glue to attach kindling wood to a cylindrical vase, and is actually deceptively simple to create. Go on over to the tutorial at

Easter Carrots Door Wreath

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Carrot Door Wreath
Image from

Here’s an unmistakably Easter-y DIY door decoration idea! What a great concept, and again it’s actually pretty simple to make – head over to to get all the instructions.

Easter Egg Wreath

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Easter Egg Wreath
Image from

Or you could go for something a little more traditional, with this beautiful Easter egg floral wreath! This will take you longer to create, but so long as you use wooden eggs and artificial foliage, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. You’ll find the details on

Easter Wall Art

There are some beautiful DIY Easter craft ideas around when it comes to wall art. The beauty of these ideas is that your creations won’t really age, so if you store them away carefully, they’ll bring a smile to your face year after year!

‘Toddler’ Easter Art

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Toddler Wall Art

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Toddler Art
Images from

This bright artwork is supposed to be for toddlers to make, but is it just me that’d be delighted to make this myself?!

It’s bright, completely customisable, and perfect for Easter. You’ll need an 8×10 canvas (or whatever size you prefer) and some decent craft paints. Find the full tutorial at

Cute Baby Bunny

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Baby Bunny
Image from

This may not be for you if you’re looking for something stylish and sophisticated, but if you’re after fun and CUTE with a capital C, then you’ll love it! I’m definitely going to be trying it out – details at

Easter Button Art

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Button Art
Image from

How about trying out some pretty button art? This simple egg is perfect for Easter, but you could adapt it to do a heart or simple flower… or whatever you want basically! You will, of course, be needing some buttons for this one. The tutorial is over at

And Finally (Phew!)…

While this one may not technically fall into the category of DIY Easter craft ideas, I just couldn’t resist slipping it in at the end… because just how amazing is this Easter bunny pancake arrangement?! A practically perfect Easter treat if ever I saw one! The details are on

DIY Easter Craft Ideas Bunny Pancakes
Image from

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DIY Easter Craft Ideas and Decorations

Gorgeous Easter Craft Ideas


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