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If you have a busy household and you’re looking for a way to bring some order to the crazy, I may have what you’re looking for…. a Home Command Center! Heard of these? No? Well then allow me to elaborate, and to show you some of the best Command Center ideas around…

Home Command Center Ideas Modern Metallic
Image from Pottery Barn (see below)

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A Home Command Center is basically a way of organizing your family’s day to day life, keeping the most important bits and bobs close to hand, and making sure everyone knows what’s going on and who’s doing what.

One of the reasons Command Centers work so well, is that they keep all the important stuff literally in sight. They’re a continual visual reminder of what’s important and what we need to focus on at any given time. They can work well in large or small spaces, and for all sizes of families.

Rather than go on and on explaining, let’s have a look at some of the best Command Center ideas around, so you can see for yourself what they look like and how they work. Here’s my round up of my favorite Home Command Center ideas, from the big to the little, the elaborate to the simplistic, the budget friendly, and the not so much. Enjoy, and let me know if you decide to create one for yourself!

The basic Command Center concept

This comprehensive Command Center by Jenna Burger on Better Homes & Gardens provides a great example of the general Command Center concept. It has a personalised calendar, storage for keys and stationery, separate spaces for each family member, and even a section of inspirational quotes. I love this simplistic yet comprehensive Command Center idea.

Home Command Centre Ideas Concept
Image by Jenna Burger on Better Homes & Gardens


Home Command Centre Ideas Concept 2
Image by Jenna Burger on Better Homes & Gardens

Bright Corner Command Center

This beautiful bright Command Center on shows how even a small corner space can be utilised to create an effective Command Center. It’s bright, airy, and functional, and I love it. Head over to to find out how to make it.

Home Command Centre Ideas Bright Corner Command Centre
Image from

A Bright Family Command Center

This bright family Command Center on has a really bright and happy feel to it. I especially love the idea of having a chalkboard for inspirational quotes or important messages. This way you can change things up a bit as and when necessary without too much effort.

Home Command Centre Ideas Bright Family Command Centre
Image from

Alcove Command Center

Here’s one for those of you looking for command centre ideas for small spaces. This beautiful alcove Command Center on utilises a small cupboard space for a cozy Command Center that works just as well as those in larger spaces. Lovely color too!

Home Command Centre Ideas Alcove Command Centre
Image from

Sleek Kitchen Command Center

If you want sleek and stylish Command Center Ideas, check out this kitchen Command Center from It has everything you might need. I especially like the idea of having a storage basket at the base, which you could use for things like kid’s sports bags or your gym kit.

Command Center Ideas Refrigerator Side
Image from

Chalkboard Command Center

This chalkboard Command Center on is an original take on the Command Center concept. Having the mealplanner on the chalkboard means that you can swap things around easily half way through the week if you need to.

Command Center Ideas Chalkboard Command Center
Image on

A Modern Metallic Command Center

Here’s an original modern take on the concept for those of you who’re looking for a stylish Home Command Center ideas. This one’s actually available to buy from Pottery Barn, but you can buy similar component parts on Amazon to make your own.

Home Command Centre Ideas Modern Metallic
Image from Pottery Barn

A Pretty Command Center

Finally, this lovely Command Center on is a great idea for anyone looking for pretty command station ideas. This example just goes to show how versatile Home Command Centers can be – they can work for all types of families, in all spaces and situations!

Command Center Ideas Pretty Command Center
Image from


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