Family Command Center Ideas To EASILY Organize Your Life!

Hold tight because these GENIUS family command center ideas are about to rock your world!

family command center ideas
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The perfect family command center layout will organize your life quickly and easily.

It needn’t cost a fortune or take up lots of time to create.

So here’s a whole host of stunning family command center ideas to suit you, your budget and your family! Let’s get sorted!!..

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The Best Family Command Center Ideas

Create a long thin family command center to save space

Family Command Center Ideas for small spaces
Image by Jenna Burger on Better Homes & Gardens

If you think you don’t have room for a command center, this fantastic family command center idea on Better Homes & Gardens provides a great solution.

Making use of a long thin wall, perhaps in an entryway, means that your family command center layout need not take up valuable space.

This is also a great example of a low-budget family command center idea. All you need is the blackboard paint, notice board and a few fixtures – so easy!

family command center ideas for low budget

This simple family command center layout has a personalised calendar, storage for keys and stationery, separate spaces for each family member, and even a section for inspirational quotes.

All in all this is the perfect low-space, low-budget, low-effort family command center idea!

Create a family command center in a corner to save space

Bright Corner family Command Center idea
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Another great space saving family command center idea is to make use of a corner space.

This beautiful bright Command Center on shows how even a small corner space can be utilised to create an effective family command center layout.

It’s bright, airy, functional and inexpensive.

This is another family command center idea that would be super quick and easy to recreate.

Image from

Plan out the perfect family command center layout first

family command center layout ideas
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Set aside some time to really think through the ideal family command center layout before you begin.

That may sound obvious, but it’s easy to look at someone else’s stunning family command center layout and go ahead and copy it without thinking it through!

Every family is unique, and your family may need different things from your command center.

This comprehensive family command center layout from is really useful for ideas.

It can be helpful to note down your general weekly routine and think about what would help with each aspect of it.

Be sure to identify areas where you typically struggle to remain organized, or often forget things.

So say you forget to pack the kid’s gym kits until the last minute – then maybe it would be helpful to have a board up to show all the recurring activities each week, to act as a prompt.

Nailing your family command center layout is key to a life-changing family command center!

Use bright colors to add a happy vibe to your command center

Bright colorful Family Command Center idea
Image from

Using bright colors gives a fresh happy feel to this simple family command center idea on

This is another command center that’d be really simple to recreate – you basically just have to fix stuff to the wall!

The addition of a blackboard into the family command center layout is a great idea – you can use it for inspirational quotes, important messages or shopping lists.

Simply use a wall

family command center ideas
Image by

Both the previous colorful family command center idea and this bright and fresh command center by make use of a spare wall.

Nothing fancy, just fix your fittings to the wall and you’re good to go!

By the way, you can check out tons more beautiful family command center ideas on my Pinterest home organization board!

Make use of alcoves and cupboard spaces

Family command center ideas for small spaces alcove
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Making use of alcove spaces is a great family command center idea.

Not only do you save space, you also keep all your bits and bobs out of the way!

This beautiful alcove Command Center on utilises a small cupboard space for a cozy center that works well in both large and small spaces.

Keep your color scheme cohesive

The command center above also shows why using a consistent color scheme is a great idea.

The aqua color used on all the accessories and fittings keeps everything tied together and cohesive.

This gives a much more ‘finished’ look, but costs little in time or effort to achieve!

Try a minimalist layout for your family command center

minimalist family command center
Image from

This minamilist family command center idea from

Everything is simple and sleek, but it still has everything you need for an efficient command center.

Note the addition of a storage basket on the floor – perfect for keeping kid’s school bags or your gym kit close to hand.

Make use of your refrigerator!

Did you notice how the minimalist family command center above utilises the side of the refrigerator!

Keep an eye out for wasted spaces like this to use for your command center.

Use a chalkboard for a family command center with flexibility

family command center idea with chalkboard
Image on

This family command center idea from uses a chalkboard for the meal planner and notes.

It’s easy to switch things around mid-week if you need to – just rub out and repeat!

Maximum flexibility, minimum fuss.

Use metallic fixtures for a utilitarian vibe

Modern Metallic family command center ideas
Image by pottery barn

Simply using metallic fixtures, as this family command centre from Pottery Barn has, can result in a sleek stylish look.

Consistency with the material and color keeps everything looking cohesive and finished.

Use country-style accessories for a pretty family command center

Image from

If you’re looking for family command center ideas that look pretty then check out this lovely idea on

It shows how just varying your accessories can result in a completely different style of command center.

Consider adding a slim desk

The pretty family command center above also shows how a slim desk can be really effective.

It adds a convenient place to do your paperwork while only taking up a small amount of space.

Being able to sort through your bills and correspondence in the same area as your weekly planners and meal planners can be really productive.

Keep clutter to a minimum in your new command center!

It’s a good idea to have a good declutter before you start to design your family command center!

This way you’ll have a better idea of what you actually need to find space for.

And once your new command center is up and running you’ll want to keep the clutter to a minimum.

Creating your family command center should give you the extra boost of motivation to get stuck into a proper declutter!

The KonMari method is one of the most thorough decluttering methods there is – see how it transformed my home in this post!

What Is The KonMari Method The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

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