Bullet Journal Spread Ideas You NEED To See for 2024!

Looking for the most stunning 2024 bullet journal spread ideas? Then you need to see this HUGE collection!

Whether you’re after weekly spreads or any other bullet journal page ideas, it’s all here!

There are sooo many bullet journal spread ideas out there, the possibilities are endless…

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

First off, how about some of the loveliest 2024 bullet journal weekly spread ideas ever?…

Spectacular summer bullet journal spread idea

bullet journal spread ideas with aquatic theme

Let’s start off somewhere absolutely stunning with this fabulous aquatic bullet journal spread idea from the amazing constancechel on Instagram?

One of my all-time favorite bullet journalers, she always creates spectacularly arty spreads that are absolutely beautiful.

If getting the paints out is a bit much for you, you could easily recreate a similar spread with some super-soft coloring pencils (I’ve included some links below).

Stunning autumnal bullet journal spread idea

Image from lacqueredworld on Instagram

Wow, just how stunning is this bullet journal spread idea by lacqueredworld on Instagram?

The gorgeous artwork doesn’t leave very much room for writing your appointments, so this is a great bullet journal weekly spread idea if you want to keep your weekly overview succinct.

Week per page bullet journal spread idea

If you like to see more than just one week at a time, try something like this lovely cheery spring spread by orcopinguinopaganartlab on Instagram.

This page uses affiliate links – if you click on a link I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you; as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases – thank you!

Beautiful blue weekly spread idea

Bullet journal weekly spread ideas winter layout
Image from maryberrystudy on Instagram

How gorgeous is this wintery weekly 2024 spread by maryberrystudy on Instagram? The added pics and the hand-lettering are beautiful.

The pens used here are Sakura Pigma Micron Fineliners, which are excellent for bullet journaling as they give really precise lines and dry quickly.

(I’ll link to the products used to help you recreate these ideas where I can)

Simple yet stunning quick weekly spread idea

Perfectly pretty, yet quick and easy to create – I love this simple spread by fromthemindtothemoon.

Pretty pastel bullet journal spread idea

Bullet journal weekly spread ideas daily spreads
Image by aka.sinting on Instagram

Remember that if you find you don’t have enough room for everything you want to fit in, you can just switch to using a page a day, like this lovely layout by aka.sinting on Instagram (above).

There’s so much going on here, I love this bullet journal page idea!

Pink Power bullet journal spread idea!

pretty pink Bullet journal weekly spread
Image from focusign on Instagram

This pink explosion is actually one of my favorite 2024 bullet journal weekly spread ideas ever! It’s just so gorgeous.

The pens used here (shown in the top right corner) are Zebra Mildliners, which work really well when you need a finer and more subtle highlighter pen. From focusign on Instagram.

(By the way I have loads more pink bullet journal spreads over here!)

A bright and cheery weekly spread!

bright and colorful bullet journal weekly spread
Image from alexandra_plans on Instagram

And here’s another bright colorful layout, this time using Tombow Brush Pens, and incorporating a daily weather tracker at the top of each day (above). From alexandra_plans on Instagram.

Right now it looks like the Tombows are out of stock on Amazon, so I’ve linked to similar ones with well over 1000 amazing reviews here.

This is a really nice bullet journal page idea for incorporating lots in just the one page.

Classy black and white weekly spread idea

Bullet journal weekly spread ideas monochrome
Image by bonjournal_ on Instagram

Here’s a beautiful black and white bullet journal weekly spread to show that a monochrome look can be just as beautiful! I love this beautiful floral layout (above) by bonjournal on Instagram.

There are lots of other lovely bullet journal page ideas there too.

Gorgeous green bullet journal spread idea!

green bullet journal weekly spread idea
Image by ohlookimstudying on Instagram

Who would have thought that avocados could make such a pretty weekly spread? (ohlookimstudying on Instagram, that’s who).

Relaxing purple spread

bullet journal ideas in purple
Image by study.ye on Instagram

Ah, so pretty and relaxing! This soothing lilac spread by study.ye on Instagram is a good example of how using cohesive cut out images can create a stunning yet low-effort spread.

Artistic watercolor weekly spread

watercolor bullet journal ideas
Image from littlecoffeefox.com

And here’s another violet beauty, this time from Shelby at littlecoffeefox.com.

She’s created this lovely weekly spread with watercolors, but you could achieve something very similar with some good quality soft coloring pencils like Prismacolor Premier Pencils. They also sell a color-blender pencil for creating super-soft blended colors.

A gorgeously relaxing and pretty bullet journal page idea.

Pretty in pink (again!)

Bullet journal weekly spread ideas pink floral
Image from amandarachdoodles on Instagram

How’s about a super-girly pink floral number from amandarachdoodles on Instagram to finish up with? This is not only gorgeous, but actually pretty simple to create, using only a couple of pens.

Super Simple Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Sticking with weekly spread ideas before we move on to other types of bullet journal spreads, how about these super simple bullet journal weekly spreads for 2024?

These bullet journal page ideas are great for when you’re in a hurry but still want to create something gorgeous!

Pastel highlighters for super speedy results

Bullet journal weekly spread ideas super simple
Image by creative_rose on Instagram

What could be more straightforward than this simple horizontal layout with highlighters by creative_rose on Instagram (above)?

This is an excellent idea for anyone who’s new to bullet journaling and wants to ease themselves into things gently! She’s created this layout using pastel Stabio highlighters and the notebook is a Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook (it’s the all-round best notebook for bullet journals, and is shown in most of these examples).Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook

Functional yet pretty weekly spread idea

simple pink weekly layout
Image by xomiamoore on Instagram

I also really like this simple layout by xomiamoore on Instagram (above). The pink makes it look pretty, but it’s still functional and straightforward.

She has a simple horizontal listing of the days of the week on the left page and all her other important notes for the week like her meal plan on the right hand side.

If she were to run out of space for noting her jobs for the day under the spaces for the weekdays, she could just turn over and create a simple daily spread/list for that particular day as needed.

Bright and breezy simple weekly spread idea

If you prefer a vertical layout for your days of the week, you might like to try something along the lines of this bullet journal page idea by sharonajournals on Instagram.

simple yellow weekly spread
Image by shronajournals on Instagram

This is so clear and simple that you just can’t go wrong, but she’s still made it unique to her with a little bit of artwork and lettering.

Adding some extras

Once you’ve mastered the basic concept of the weekly spread, you might want to get a little bit more adventurous and creative.

The bullet journal weekly spread ideas below are still relatively quick and simple, but start to add in some little extras like habit trackers.

Dutch door addition

bullet journal spread ideas with dutch door

I created a simple dutch door on this weekly spread, simply by cutting the middle page in half. A perfect way to create extra room for things like a fruit & veg and sleep tracker.

You could also add a water tracker, shopping list, to do list, general notes… you get the idea.

I added the washi tape to pretty things up a bit (this set is gorgeous)!

The box for ‘next week’ notes (bottom right) can be really helpful in making sure that things don’t take you by surprise if you’re a bit on the forgetful side!

Add some space for reminders

A simple addition of an area for reminders can be really helpful on your weekly spread – I love this one by nephina.studies.

Colorful categories bullet journal spread idea!

You can also try splitting your days up into categories, like this bullet journal page idea by Christina at christina77star.net (website no longer active). This can help to clarify things in your mind if you’re like me and prone to getting muddled!

Bullet journal spread ideas with categories
Image from christina77star.net

Adding a habit tracker to your spread

Bullet journal weekly spread ideas with housework tracker
Image by kramp_bujo on Instagram

Here’s another simple but pretty layout by kramp_bujo on Instagram (above). I love her little ‘housework & habits’ tracker and the fun artwork.

Habit Tracker Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Leading on seamlessly from that, next we have some gorgeous habit tracker bullet journal spread ideas!

Habit trackers are a great way to keep you motivated and keep mindful of creating your intended habits.

Generalised bullet journal habit tracker ideas

Let’s kick off our habit tracker bullet journal spread ideas with these lovely spreads by craftyenginerd on Instagram.

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Designs
Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Blue Monthly Tracker
Images by craftyenginerd on Instagram

I would be seriously impressed with myself if I managed to keep up all of these habits!

This simple method of coloring in boxes for each habit on each date is super-easy to replicate.

Pretty pastel habit tracker idea

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Mood vs Physical
Image by sweetkawaiidesign on Instagram

This comprehensive bullet journal habit tracker spread idea by sweetkawaiidesign on Instagram uses a similar design in landscape, to give you a bit more room.

Unique habit tracker design

habit tracker bullet journal spread idea
Image by knitashajanice on Instagram

Wow! This habit tracker bullet journal spread idea is fantastic!

This design was totally new to me when putting together these bullet journal spread ideas, and I still love it!

This bullet journal page idea is by knitashajanice on Instagram.

Floral bullet journal habit tracker spread

bright bullet journal habit tracker with flowers
Image by nissistudies on Instagram

Such a gorgeously happy habit tracker spread by nissistudies on Instagram!

And pretty simple to recreate.

Stunning unique habit tracker idea

black and gold bullet journal spread idea
Image by leftyartlover on Instagram

And how about this for something a bit different?!

I think this black and gold bullet journal spread idea with a simple habit tracker is beautiful.

I’m in love with this stunning floral dot grid notebook with black paper, which is perfect if you want to recreate this spread.

It looks like the Artistro pens are out of stock, but these Sharpie gold paint pens are inexpensive and work really well.

This is by leftyartlover on Instagram.

Bullet Journal mood tracker ideas

Bullet journal mood trackers build on the basic habit tracker idea.

Charting your mood in your bullet journal can be really helpful for monitoring your mental health.

Simple bullet journal mood tracker idea

We’ll get into some mood trackers that take some serious dedication in a moment!

But first let’s start out simple with this lovely balloon themed bullet journal mood tracker spread by suncerulian on Instagram…

simple mood tracker for bullet journal spread ideas
Image by suncerulean on Instagram

You can see the key along the top – such a simple and pretty bullet journal spread idea.

Pretty floral mood tracker

pretty floral bullet journal mood tracker idea
Image by owlstreetstudio on Instagram

This pretty floral bullet journal page idea would take a little longer to create, but it’s still straightforward.

And it’s super pretty!

This is by owlstreetstudio on Instagram.

Spooky bullet journal mood tracker spread!

October mood tracker with bubbling pot

Definitely one to save for October, but I loved this mood tracker idea in my own bullet journal!

Amazing skeleton mood tracker idea!

new mood tracker idea for bullet journals
Image by Trine Lise Asehaug on Instagram via Pinterest

Yowzers! I’ve never seen anything like this stunning skeleton bullet journal mood tracker spread idea before!

It’s fantastic!

Nature themed mood tracker spread idea

nature inspired bullet journal spread idea
Image by rachelbujo on Instagram

Such a beautiful nature themed mood tracker spread by rachelbujo on Instagram.

The Tombow pens always seem to be out of stock on Amazon, but these similar ones have the most amazing reviews I’ve seen.

Pens like this are extremely handy for all sorts of bullet journal page ideas.

Bright summary bullet journal spread idea – mood tracker

summery bullet journal mood tracker
Image by dutch_dots on Instagram

Such a lovely bright summary bullet journal spread idea!

This mood tracker looks amazing, but is easy to recreate.

By dutch_dots on Instagram.

Amazing mood mandala!

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Mood Mandala
Image by bohoberry.com

I have to be honest with you, I don’t fully understand how this mood mandala tracker works! But it’s so gorgeous I couldn’t resist including it!

This is from a previous post I wrote on bullet journal trackers and it looks like the website it’s from is no longer active (bohoberry.com).

Bullet journal sleep tracker ideas

Next up on the list of bullet journal spread ideas is… sleep trackers!

These bullet journal page ideas are fairly self-explanatory and work really well for keeping you mindful of how much sleep you need.

Pretty pastel bullet journal sleep tracker idea

sleep tracker for bullet journal page ideas
Image by bujo_nina

This lovely sleep tracker idea by bujo_nina on Instagram has a lovely relaxed vibe.

You can achieve this effect with these amazingly soft coloring pencils and the matching color blender.

An all-round lovely bullet journal spread idea.

A dreamy bullet journal sleep tracker idea

dreamy sleep tracker for bullet journal page ideas
Image by somekindwords on Instagram

This super dreamy spread by somekindwords on Instagram makes use of those brush pens again – they’re everywhere!

Romantic February sleep tracker idea!

valentines bullet journal sleep tracker idea
Image by enjoyjounaling on Instagram

This simple sleep tracker by enjoyjournaling on Instagram is perfect for a romantic Valentine’s vibe!

Another example of how you can create stunning bullet journal spreads in a bullet journal with black paper – I’m in love with this beautiful one.

Bright buzzy bullet journal sleep tracker idea

bright bee themed bullet journal page idea
Image by journalwithcc on Instagram

For our final sleep tracker bullet journal page idea, I couldn’t resist this charming buzzy bee spread idea by journalwithcc on Instagram!

So pretty and fun.

(Enough with the essential brush pens already!)

Bullet Journal Spread Ideas – Goal Setting

Bullet journal pages with goals are one of my favorite bullet journal spread ideas!

Really motivating, and great to look back on once you’ve achieved your goal.

Study goals bullet journal spread

Bullet journal collection ideas goals tracker

This was my goals page when I did my degree. It’s kind of part-way between a goals page and a tracker!

It’s all colored in now and I’ll always keep it to remind me of achieving my goal.

101 goals bullet journal page idea!

bullet journal spread ideas goals page
Image by jashiicorrin on Instagram

This 101 goals bullet journal spread idea by jashiicorrin on Instagram is fantastic!

Some great ideas for goals on there too!

Categorized goals bullet journal spread idea

goals bullet journal page idea
Image by journal_ideas_ on Instagram

This bullet journal page idea by journal_ideas_ on Instagram makes a lovely goals spread by dividing goals into categories.

Bulletin board style goals page

bulletin board style goals spread in bullet journal
Image by mrsk_plans on Instagram

This unusual bullet journal spread idea by mrsk_plans on Instagram could be recreated with my favorite journaling gadget – the Poooliprinter!

You can get 15% off these with the code TARA15, they’re perfect for all sorts of bullet journal spread ideas (full review here)…

bullet journal supplies uk poooliprinter example
Poooliprint bullet journal spread example

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas

And now for some gorgeous bullet journal monthly spread ideas!

Bullet journal monthly spreads often feature a calendar layout alongside a monthly cover page (more of those in a bit), but as you’ll see there are tons of different bullet journal page ideas for monthly spreads.

Beautiful arty monthly spread

bullet journal monthly spread idea with art
Image by nephena.studies on Instagram

Stunning artwork for this bullet journal monthly spread by nephena.studies on Instagram.

A really good example of how you can just let your imagination run free with your bullet journal spreads!

Simple black and white bullet journal monthly spread

simple black and white floral journal design
Image by bonjournal_ on Instagram

A lovely example of how bullet journal monthly spreads can remain simple and clean, yet beautiful.

This black and white design is by bonjournal_ on Instagram.

Pretty calendar style bullet journal monthly spread idea

simple pretty monthly spread idea
Image by bella_rica_design on Instagram

This monthly spread idea with wintery details is just so pretty!

Stunning, yet simple to recreate.

By bella_rica_design via weheartit

Manga bullet journal monthly spread idea

manga bullet journal page idea
Image by Lisha’s Journal

And now for something completely different! Check out this amazing manda bullet journal page idea by Lisha’s Journal.

Muted shades bullet journal monthly spread idea

tonal bullet journal spread design
Image by marcelekeny on Instagram

This simply gorgeous bullet journal page idea is by marcelekeny on Instagram.

Spring themed bullet journal spread idea

painted bullet journal monthly layout
Image by journal_junkies on Instagram

If you want to recreate this little beauty by journal_junkies on Instagram, you’ll have to get your paintbrush out!

This is a lovely bullet journal spread idea that’s really original.

Bullet Journal Spread Ideas – Cover Pages

Now we’re moving on to some gorgeous bullet journal cover pages.

These are some of the most beautiful and inspiring bullet journal page ideas.

Gorgeous monthly cover page ideas

Some of the most stunning bullet journal page ideas are the monthly cover pages.

Simple pretty monthly cover page

Image by notebook_therapy on Instagram

Quick, easy, pretty. A lovely bullet journal spread idea by notebook_therapy on Instagram, again using those essential brush pens.

Sunny citrus bullet journal monthly spread idea

bright citrus summer theme journal
Image by Miss Louie on Pinterest

This lovely summary bullet journal spread idea is by Miss Louie on Pinterest – so bright and happy!

Again, this uses brush pens and the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook – both staple bullet journaling essentials.

Super summer monthly cover page idea

tropical summer journal design with pelican
Image by myyellowjournal_ on Instagram

Surely it’s impossible not to love this cheery summer bullet journal page idea that myyellowjournal_ on Instagram has created for their June monthly cover page?

Bright spring bullet journal cover page spread

Image by positivelyproductive.co on Instagram

Sticking with the cheery theme, this gorgeous floral spring monthly cover bullet journal spread idea by positivelyproductive.co on Instagram, is positively lovely.

October bullet journal page idea cover

Image by littlemissrose on Instagram

Proving that you can keep things cheery as the weather cools down (if you’re in the northern hemisphere anyway!), littlemissrose on Instagram has created this colorful bullet journal spread idea for October.

So pretty!

Cute painted bullet journal page idea

creative painted journal spread
Image by creatyve_me on Instagram


If you’re feeling creative then look no further than this unique bullet journal monthly cover idea by creatyve_me on Instagram.

This is so different and has to be one of my favorite bullet journal spread ideas!

Bullet Journal Memories Spread Ideas

Bullet journal memories spreads are a lovely way of recording your most special memories.

You’ll treasure them for years to come!

Quick and easy bullet journal memories pages

poooliprint review bullet journal memories spread

I created both the memories spread above and the one below with my lovely little Poooliprint!

It’s a cute, quick and easy way to make stunning bullet journal spreads, plus lots of other things!

If you want to try one out for yourself you can get 15% off with my discount code TARA15 here.

bullet journal supplies uk poooliprinter example
Poooliprint bullet journal spread example

I’ve also written a full review about it which you can read here (and don’t forget the 15% off code – TARA15 – if you do get one!).

Doodles bullet journal memory page

bullet journal memory page spread idea
Image by plansthatblossom on Instagram

Of course you don’t need to use photos and print outs for your bullet journal memories pages!

You can do your own doodles instead – like these gorgeous ones by plansthatblossom on Instagram.

Gorgeous bullet journal spread ideas – scarlet scribbles!

bright red bullet journal memory pages
Image by juiank.art on Instagram

More doodles for a gorgeous bullet journal memories spread, this time bright and lovely by juiank.art on Instagram.

Bullet Journal Birthday Page Ideas

And finally (for now – I’ll have more soon!) drool over these gorgeous bullet journal birthday page ideas…

Birthday balloons bullet journal spread idea

Bullet journal collection ideas birthday balloons
Image by belovedart on Instagram

This simple bullet journal birthday spread has been a trending image on Pinterest for a long time!

It’s simple, pretty and gets the job done perfectly. What’s not to love!

By belovedart on Instagram.

Buzzing birthday spread idea!

bright bee themed birthday page
Image by mrs.paper_color on Instagram

What an original bullet journal birthday page idea by mrs.paper_color on Instagram!

Though I’m assuming that it isn’t complete yet and the months still need filling in and continued on the opposite page to make the spread complete!

Simple but lovely bullet journal birthday spread idea

Image by li_creates_ on Instagram

Finally we have a simple but lovely floral design bullet journal birthdays spread by li_creates_ on Instagram!

This page uses affiliate links – if you click on a link I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you; as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases – thank you!

So there we have it!

I hope you’ve found some beautiful bullet journal spread ideas to inspire you for 2024.

I’ll try to keep this page topped up with more and more ideas, so you can always pop back for more!

In the mean time you might like to check out this huge selection of bullet journal collections – it includes more goals, memories and birthday page ideas plus book trackers, self-care ideas page, gratitude spreads, and even outfit and makeup ideas! I hope you enjoy it.

If you’re off to get started with some amazing new bullet journal spread ideas, you might like to top up your bullet journal supplies with these essential buys!:

Essential Bullet Journal Supplies – tried and tested!

Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook – the essential notebook for bullet journaling

Sakura Pigma Micron Fineliners – perfect black fineliners

Zebra Mildliners – subtle highlighter fine pens

Pastel Stabio highlighters – lovely pastel highlighters

Sharpie gold paint pens – especially great on black paper

Amazingly soft coloring pencils – addictive to use, so useful

Color blender – to blend the lovely pencils!

Those brush pens! – all round essential for bullet journal coloring

Poooliprinter – amazing gadget for quick and easy stunning spreads – USE CODE TARA15 FOR 15% OFF

Stunning floral dot grid notebook – lovely journal with black pages and gorgeous floral cover

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Awesome bullet journal weekly spread ideas
Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads
Weekly bullet journal spread ideas


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