Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas 2024 – STUNNING New Trackers You Need to See!

Let’s take a look at some of the BEST bullet journal tracker ideas around for 2024!

Bullet journal trackers are an easy and fun way to make big improvements in your day-to-day life and a great way to help you achieve your 2024 new year resolutions.

bullet journal tracker ideas habit tracker spread
by rem.bujo on Instagram

There are so many stunning bullet journal tracker ideas around, like this beautiful one by rem.bujo on Instagram.

Bullet journal trackers are a rather addictive way to log every little step towards success – whether that’s drinking eight glasses of water a day, getting your degree, training for a 5k run… or a thousand other things in between!

Let’s dive right on in with bullet journal tracker ideas that incorporate multiple habit trackers on a single bullet journal spread…

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Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas for Multiple Habits

Circular multi-habit tracker for 2024

by cengland24 on Instagram

This circular bullet journal tracker idea from cengland24 on Instagram shows that multi-habit trackers can be simple yet stunning.

You could use a compass or stencil for accuracy, but these circles have been drawn freehand – impressive!

Dutch door bullet journal tracker idea

by liyahs.journal on Instagram

A dutch door is the perfect way of incorporating a habit tracker and a goals page for 2024.

This one by liyahs.journal on Instagram shows how you could link your habits directly to goals on the corresponding page.

Multiple months habit tracker

by bujo_bangalore on Instagram

Wow! This clever idea by bujo_bangalore really builds on the dutch door idea.

Multiple dutch doors allow you to track the same habits (across the top) over multiple months.

This would take a while to set up, but I think it’d be well worth the effort!

Simple grid style habit tracker idea

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Monthly Tracker
Image from littlecoffeefox.com

One of the simplest ways of keeping track of several goals in 2024 is by using a grid layout like this one by Shelby at Little Coffee Fox.

She’s used the grid format to map out every day of the month against the habits. Each time she completes one, she colors in the corresponding square for that habit and date.

This is a fantastic way to keep track of all the little things you can achieve on a daily basis.

We often forget to give ourselves credit for these types of things, but often it’s the tiny changes we make to our day-to-day lives that end up having the greatest impact.

This particular example uses a Leuchtturm 1917 (the dots mean it’s easy to mark out squares), and Staedtler Triplus Fineliners for coloring in.

I’ve linked all essential supplies at the end of this post!

Vertical grid style habit trackers

Here are two really nice similar ones by craftyenginerd on Instagram.

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Designs
Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Blue Monthly Tracker
Image by craftyenginerd on Instagram

Bullet journal tracker idea for 2024 monthly mini goals!

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Multiple Monthly Tracker
Image from my_blue_sky_design on Instagram

Here’s another lovely adaption of the monthly habit tracker!

This works in exactly the same way as the last example except that each individual goal is separated. This works well to give things some clarity, and you’ll be able to see at a glance which areas might need your attention. This is from my_blue_sky_design on Instagram.

Habit tracker with cut out grids

by zpiecesdigital on Instagram

This habit tracker and mood tracker (see below for more of those!) combo by zpiecesdigital on Instagram is gorgeous.

You could create this super-quick with a PoooliPrinter – I have a full review here (love it), or you can get one with my 15% off code TARA15.

Sticker style bullet journal tracker idea

by rem.bujo on Instagram

Another gorgeous bullet journal tracker idea by rem.bujo on Instagram.

This lovely habit tracker is another that could be created really quickly with a poooliprinter (code TARA15 for 15% off).

This is a great example of how you can fit multiple habit trackers on one vertical page spread.

Multi Habit Tracker with exercise spread

by enjoyjournaling on Instagram

This unique habit tracker by enjoyjournaling on Instagram combines a larger exercise tracker with a single page spread of general habit trackers.

If you want to try creating similar stunning spreads for 2024 in a bullet journal with black pages, check out this gorgeous floral design black journal – beautiful.

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas for weekly spread

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Weekly Spread Trackers
Image by craftyenginerd on Instagram

You can also incorporate multiple habit trackers into your weekly spreads, like this lovely example, another one from craftyenginerd on Instagram.

If you need more ideas for weekly spreads you can find tons of gorgeous ones here.

Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Ideas

Tracking your mood on a daily basis can be a great idea for everyone, and particularly if you suffer from any kind of mood disorder or anxiety.

Being mindful of how you’re feeling on a daily basis can often help you to nip any potential problems in the bud, or alert you to the fact that you might need some help.

Alternatively, it can be nice to see that you’ve been having a super-happy period!

Here are some particularly fantastic bullet journal tracker ideas for tracking your mood!

Pretty hearts mood tracker

by moestinjournal on Instagram

This pretty pink bullet journal mood tracker by moestinjournal on Instagram shows how your mood tracker can be super-simple, while still being effective and very pretty!

Beautiful blues mood tracker

by _bujolu_ on Intagram

This gorgeously tonal seasonal mood tracker by _bujolu_ on Instagram is stunning.

It lays out the simple circular mood tracker alongside the general habit tracker page, and incorporates irresistible artwork.

Pretty floral habit tracker idea

by jodie_journals on Instagram

This pretty habit tracker by jodie_journals on Instagram uses a similar idea, this time alongside a full page habit tracker to log walking.

You can create a similar effect with the same Zebra Mildliners for a lovely soft color option.

Bold bullet journal floral habit tracker idea

by bujoforstars on Intagram

A beautiful bold floral design for a habit tracker by bujoforstars on Instagram.

This lovely bright artwork is created with Tombow brush pens. They’re currently out of stock, so you can try these amazing brush pens with ridiculously good reviews instead!

Pineapple mood tracker idea!

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Mood Tracker 1
Image by creapassionink on Instagram

This is one of the most original mood tracker ideas I’ve seen, from creapassionink on Instagram (above). The pineapple art is fantastic!

Each color represents a different mood, and each little pineapple segment is numbered with a date.

Try using some beautifully soft coloring pencils for tonal soft shading if you want to create something similar (if you’re after some other great ideas for your bullet journal supplies, check out this post).

And check out the bonus idea for a spending tracker too!

Mood tracker and physical tracker idea

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Mood vs Physical
Image by sweetkawaiidesign on Instagram

Or how about this idea from sweetkawaiidesign on Instagram (above)? This offers a great way to show how your mood relates to your physical well-being on a daily basis.

Bullet tracker idea for a year of moods!

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Year In Pixels
Image by fischrjournals on Instagram

You can even map out a whole year of moods like this ‘Year In Pixels’ spread by fischrjournals on Instagram.

Simplified year in pixels

by bujo.birb on Instagram

Another lovely year in Pixels, this one is a little simpler. From bujo.birb on Instagram.

Mandala mood tracker idea

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Mood Mandala
Image from Boho Berry

Or try out one of the most popular bullet journal tracker ideas, the mood mandala, like this gorgeous one on bohoberry.com.

Bullet Journal Water Tracker Ideas

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Water Tracker
Image by bullet.journal.page on Instagram

Everyone knows we need to be drinking more water! Here’s a nice easy bullet journal tracker idea to help you by bullet.journal.page on Instagram.

Water tracker for the week

Or incorporate a water tracker into your 2024 weekly spreads, like this one from sublimereflection.com.

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Weekly Water Tracker
Image from Sublime Reflection

Bubbles water tracker!

by breatheinbujo on Instagram

This cute bullet journal tracker idea by breatheinbujo on Instagram uses bubbles to track daily water intake!

Bright sunny water tracker

by bujo_by_cali on Instagram

This bright and breezy bullet journal tracker idea is perfect as a water tracker for the summer months.

This one is by bujo_by_cali on Instagram.

Droplets water tracker idea

by bujo_sentiment on Instagram

Such a simple yet effective water tracker idea by bujo_sentiment on Instagram!

Just color in the droplets – another lovely bullet journal tracker idea.

Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Ideas

Sleep tracker using highlighters

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Sleep Tracker

Don’t forget the importance of getting your z’s in!

These pretty pastel highlighters would work perfectly for this simple sleep tracker spread by teaandtwigs.de.

Sleep and mood tracker combo

by paintandplan on Instagram

How about this gorgeous bright sleep and mood tracker combination spread by paintandplan on Instagram?

Hopefully the bright cheery theme will help to elevate your mood just by looking at it!

Beautifully creative sleep tracker idea

by leftyartlover on Instagram

How amazing is this beautiful bullet journal tracker idea from leftyartlover on Instagram?

I love how she’s used a horizontal sleep tracker at the bottom of the bed, complete with gorgeous patchwork quilt and cuddling penguins!

Here are a couple of close ups to show the sleep tracker detail, plus the incorporation of mini habit trackers around the edges…

Bullet journal sleep tracker with dutch door

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Dutch Door
Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas Dutch Door
Bullet Journal Hacks Dutch Door 2

This bullet journal tracker idea incorporates a mini sleep tracker into a weekly spread by using a dutch door.

This is one of my own spreads and it works really well – you’re less likely to forget about it when it’s in the middle of the week’s spread!

Toddler sleep tracker idea!

by thejournalcorner on Instagram

It doesn’t have to be your own sleep that you track!

This fun sleep tracker from thejournalcorner on Instagram is for recording a toddler’s sleep patterns.

Sleep tracker to color in

by pinkturtlestudio on Instagram

As we’ve seen, most bullet journal sleep tracker ideas use some kind of a linear format.

So it’s refreshing to see this lovely ‘coloring in’ design by pinkturtlestudio on Instagram!

You can see even more sleep trackers, plus tons of amazing bullet journal collection ideas in this post.

Trackers Just For Fun!

And remember, bullet journal tracker ideas don’t have to be reserved for serious goal-setting! There are tons of trackers you can have fun with… just because!…

Boxset tracker

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas TV series tracker
Image by rozmakesplans on Instagram

Gorgeous TV series tracker by rozmakesplans on Instagram.

Reading list bullet journal tracker

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Books
Image by skulleyart on Instagram

Books to read tracker, by skulleyart on Instagram.

Bullet journal tracker idea for study

by kathelijne noa on Pinterest

This fantastic bullet journal tracker idea is by kathelijne noa on Pinterest – satisfying to look back on at the end of the month!

Savings tracker

by Hockey Geek on Pinterest

Self-explanatory really! But I love the way Hockey Geek on Pinterest has used the apple design for saving up for a Mac book!

Phone usage tracker

Image from Pinterest

This phone usage tracker from Pinterest is a great idea if you’re trying to reduce screen time in 2024.

Bullet journal cleaning tracker idea

Image from archerandolive.com

A beautiful cleaning tracker idea from archerandolive.com

Marvel movies tracker!

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas Marvel Movies
Image by pinyasdesk on Instagram

And finally, a Marvel movies tracker by pinyasdesk on Instagram – well why not!

Good luck with your goals, and happy tracking in 2024!!

Essential Bullet Journal Supplies – tried and tested!

Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook the essential notebook for bullet journaling

Sakura Pigma Micron Fineliners perfect black fineliners

Zebra Mildliners subtle highlighter fine pens

Pastel Stabio highlighters lovely pastel highlighters

Sharpie gold paint pens especially great on black paper

Amazingly soft coloring pencils addictive to use, so useful

Color blender to blend the lovely pencils!

Those brush pens! all round essential for bullet journal coloring

Poooliprinter amazing gadget for quick and easy stunning spreads – USE CODE TARA15 FOR 15% OFF

Stunning floral dot grid notebook lovely journal with black pages and gorgeous floral cover

‘Starry color’ watercolor paints a little extra to add a stunning shimmering touch to your bullet journal!

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