Bullet Journal Supplies Organization – All the BEST Ideas You Need!

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Ideas

This post is going to give you all the best bullet journal supplies organization ideas!

If you’ve been bullet journaling for a while, you’ve probably accumulated quite a collection of bullet journal supplies! (And if you’ve not, you might want to check out this post!)

I seriously need to organize my own bullet journal supplies. Check out the photo below if you don’t believe me.

So, in the spirit of spring-cleaning, I’ve been scoping out some of the best ideas for bullet journal supplies organization. There are some fantastic ideas and inspiring images out there to motivate you if you fancy spring-cleaning your own collection.

Just looking at some of these gorgeous pictures of ideas for bullet journal supplies organization, should be enough to motivate you to get sorting!

I would love for you to get in touch and let me know how you got on with these ideas for bullet journal supplies organization, and hopefully I’ll be able to update you with a picture of my own perfectly ordered supplies soon!!

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Ideas

Above: Just some of my current bullet journal supplies collection – in desperate need of some order!

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The Best Ideas For Bullet Journal Supplies Organization

I’ve searched high and low to scope out some of the best ideas for organizing bullet journal supplies (both DIY and shop-bought!), and here they are.

I’ve divided them into solutions for your desk, if you tend to store everything there and do your bullet journaling in the same place, and mobile solutions for when you have to move your supplies from one room to another.

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization For Desks

There are tons of ideas around to help you keep your bullet journal supplies organized at your desk! Here are my favorites…

Pen Storage Tower

Bullet Journal Supplies Storage Ideas Pen Tower
Image from mylifeinabullet.com

Let’s start off with one of the ideas I love the most. I think this color co-ordinated pen tower is gorgeous, and I love the little washi tape holder on top too!

This has been handmade by Cristina of mylifeinabullet.com, who I discovered via her gorgeous Instagram account.

I’m rather jealous of her beautiful planning area here! This pen tower took her 2.5 hours to make, and cost less than $10, which is pretty impressive don’t you think?

She’s used foam boards and stuck them together using a hot glue gun. Incidentally, I just bought my first mini hot glue gun, to make an Easter bonnet for my daughter, and I’m in love with it – it’s strangely fun and I could happily just glue stuff with it all day long.

I digress. If you don’t feel like DIY-ing it, you can buy something similar to use as a desktop pen-holder on Amazon.

(By the way, see that designer-looking notebook holder to the side of the pen tower? It’s a napkin holder – ingenious!)

Pretty Pen Pots (& Hanging Pretty Pen Pots!)

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Pretty Pen Pots
Image from toriejayne.com

Simple but lovely – these pretty pen pots are handmade with just tin cans, double sided sticky tape, and printed cardboard.

Cheap, easy, and pretty – perfect! You can read the tutorial at torijayne.com.

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Hanging Pen Pots
Image from 100directions.com

And if you want to get even more crafty (and save some space on your desk), how about some hanging pen pots like these ones on 100directions.com?

You’ll need to punch a hole in your can (you can use a hammer and nail or a Crop-a-dile), then simply hang them on command hooks – easy peazy!

Again, if you don’t have the time to knock up your own pen pots, there are tons of reasonably priced options to buy.

If you’re browsing on-line, remember to think outside the box (or pot, haha) and check out makeup brush holders too, as there are some really pretty ones about.

Get Your Drawers In Order

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Desk Drawers
Image from studyfulltime.tumblr.com

Don’t underestimate the joy that a beautifully organized desk drawer can bring, like this lovely one on studyfulltime.tumblr.com!

You can use a ready-made divider like this one, or look for  one where you can move the different sections in and out like this one.

Crafty Peg Boards

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Peg Board
Image from agirlandagluegun.com

If you really want to give your planning area an overhaul, and move everything up off the desk surface, how about a peg board like this amazing one on agirlandagluegun.com?

As far as bullet journal supplies organization goes, this is one of the more drastic options, but it’s not as complicated as it looks at first glance!

I think this looks gorgeous, and the best thing about it is that there’s not really any way you can get your stuff into a mess, so long as you put things back on the pegboard as you finish using them.

I particularly love the washi tape holders! You can buy peg boards inexpensively on Amazon, and if you’re after a tutorial on putting all of this together, you’ll find it here.

A Washi Wheel!

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Washi Wheel
Image from ambersimmons.com

If you have as much washi tape as I do (great for lots of bullet journal hacks), maybe you should make yourself a Washi Wheel!

I love this idea from ambersimmons.com, which is made using a simple wooden embroidery hoop.

Amber has 67 rolls of tape on her wheel here, so it can accommodate a pretty extensive collection (no, I didn’t count them, it says so on her website).

If I were making this myself, I would be tempted to paint the embroidery hoop in pink or light purple.

More Amazing Pen Storage!!

My final idea for bullet journal supplies organization in your desk area, is to check out some of the amazing pen storage solutions on Amazon!

These will not only help to keep you organized, but also look super-stylish on your desk – here are two of my favorites (just click on the pics for the links)…

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Pen Hole Organizer
96 hole pen holder, $7.99 on Amazon
Bullet Journal Supplies Organization 168 Pen Holder
‘Crafter’s Companion’ 168 Pen Holder, $64.09 on Amazon (these can also be bought in individual layers as a less expensive option, or if you haven’t got this many pens!)

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization On The Go!

If you have to move your bullet journal supplies from one room to another, you need a more mobile option for your supplies storage.

Some of these are great options for on/around a desk too, but they can all be moved about easily.

Acrylic Caddies

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Acrylic Caddies

I have a couple of these (you can just about see them in that big box), and they’re really handy for moving smaller selections of pens/tapes/books etc from one room to another.

I like the clear ones as you can see what’s at the bottom even when it’s covered by a pile of other stuff, but this mint green version is nice too.

Art Cart!

I don’t have one of these trollies (yet!), but I really want one.

There are so many amazing ideas for art carts on Pinterest, below are just two of my favorites.

Although many of the blog posts on these talk about art carts for kids, they work perfectly for bullet journal supplies organization!

I think they look lovely, the only potential problem I can foresee is if you have small children like me, your supplies will probably get pinched. The trolley I have my eye on is $41.88 on Amazon.

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization White Art Cart
Image from mothersniche.com

Above: this pretty art cart is from mothersniche.com. I also love the pretty tins in there, it looks like the insides have been painted, as well as sticking the card on.

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Pastel Art Carts
Image from lauravorlicek on Instagram

Above: these pastel carts from lauravorlicek on Instagram are so pretty! She’s spray painted them with rustoleum paint, and also done some of the containers inside to match – love this!

Cardboard Roll & Shoebox Supplies Holder!

If you’re after a seriously low-budget idea for carting your supplies about, that will also look good enough to sit out on your desk, grab some kitchen paper/toilet roll cardboard tubes, and check out this YouTube vid from Bethany Mota…

Good Old Mason Jars!

Is there anything mason jars can’t be used for?!

Well yes, obviously there is, but they can be used for lots and lots of things.

These will look lovely sitting on your desk too, but I’ve included them in this category because, unlike standard pen pots, you can pop their lids on to keep everything from falling out if you have to move them.

Mason jars look great just as they are, but you can customize them to look stunning – here are some beautiful ideas I came across on Pinterest

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Painted Mason Jars
Image from momdot.com

Above: simple pretty painted mason jars on momdot.com.

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Glitter Mason Jars
Image from kastyles.com

Above: These glitter leopard print mason jars are unique and stylish, and not too complicated to create yourself! They’re over on kastyles.com.

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Gold Animal Mason Jars
Image from bangonstyleblog.com

Above: I really want to have a go at making these gorgeous gold-animal topped mason jars! Although they’re expensive looking, they’re actually made by spray painting little plastic kid’s toys, so they’re very budget friendly!

You can find these on bangonstyleblog.com, and there’s also a great tutorial on making beautiful copper jars on there too. (You could try making some of these for kids too, just buy some brightly colored animals and leave out the spray painting!)

You can always pick up some good bargains on mason jars on Amazon.

Not Just Any Old Pencil Case!

And finally, don’t forget about good old pencil cases if you need to move your supplies around! But we’re not talking about your usual pencil cases here. There are some fantastic options available, that can fit in more than you could ever have imagined a pencil case could hold!

Here are some of the best ones I found – just click on the pics for the links…

Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Huge Pencil Case
This huge pencil case will fit in 202 pencils or 136 gel pens, plus your other bits and bobs! $28.99 on Amazon.
Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Portable Pen Holder
Not so much a pencil case as an amazing portable pen holder! It’ll hold 80 markers and comes in lots of different colors, $17.97 on Amazon
Bullet Journal Supplies Organization Traditional Pencil Case
For a more traditional pencil case that still fits tons in, you can’t go too far wrong with this hard-shell carry case, $16.99.

So there we go then! I hope you’ve found something to help you out with your bullet journal supplies organization within this little lot! I’m going to try to get my supplies sorted out, what about you? I’d love to know what you decide to do and whether you try out any of these ideas, let me know – bye for now!

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  1. April 16, 2018 / 6:00 pm

    This is a beautiful post full of great ideas! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous tips! I’m definitely pinning this.

    • Tara
      April 17, 2018 / 11:34 am

      Thank you Audrey, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Lisa Bradbury
    May 29, 2018 / 4:55 pm

    You can get the ‘art cart’ cheaper at IKEA if you have one near you. Thanks for the tips – great ideas!

    • Tara
      May 29, 2018 / 7:14 pm

      Thanks for the tip Lisa, I’ll check it out! 🙂

  3. Cheryl
    May 9, 2019 / 7:57 pm

    The cart is also sold at Office Depot / Office Max for less and in 3 colors.

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