How To Use Your Bullet Journal To Improve Your Health

Bullet journal to improve health

I recently wrote a post on bullet journal tracker ideas, and it made me think about all the different ways you can use your bullet journal to help improve so many different aspects of your health!

There’s something very empowering about defining your goals in writing (/drawing/doodling/charts!) and keeping track of them on a regular basis.

First, the process forces you to think about what your plan is, and to get specific with how you’re going to take action, and secondly, you want to see success in your journal, so you’re motivated to try your best.

And even when you don’t achieve the goals you’ve set, you can use your bullet journal to work out what happened and how you can do better!

There are so many different methods you can adopt to use your bullet journal to improve your health, and so many different areas of your health that you might want to work on.

So, I’ve taken the legwork out of doing the research, and compiled this post to share some of the best ideas around, to help you use your bullet journal more effectively to get healthy.

We’ll start with exercise, move on to healthy eating, then finish up with some ideas for keeping mentally healthy.

I hope you find it helpful, let’s go!…

(If you need some help starting off with a bullet journal, check this out).

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Bullet Journaling for Runners

Whether you’re embarking on a new running regime, or you’re a seasoned pro, keeping track of your running progress in your bullet journal can be both rewarding and motivating. You can keep it really simple by coloring in boxes every time you run a certain distance, like the colorful tracker below from, or choose to log your progress in more detail, like this ‘Couch to 5K’ tracker on

Bullet Journal Running Tracker
Image from
Bullet Journal Couch to 5K tracker
Image from

Bullet Journaling For Yoga

Yoga can be an amazing workout for the body, and an amazing way to calm the mind and help you to feel more in balance. Because yoga is kind of like a ‘journey’, it can be especially helpful to track your progress and observations in your bullet journal. You’ll probably be amazed when you look back on it and see how far you’ve come! If you want to note down your feelings and general observations, there’s no real need to use a special format, but you might like to incorporate some ideas from weekly spreads, or make some space for notes within your normal weekly spreads, like the last of the pictures below, where I used a vertical dutch door for added space.

Other ways to use your bullet journal to help with your yoga practice include keeping reminders of your favorite poses (like the examples below from bujoinspire and hearthwitch on Instagram), and tracking your practice sessions (like this 30 day tracker by pensforhands on Instagram).

Bullet Journal Yoga Poses
Image from gettingorganized_bujo, as reposted by bujoinspire on Instagram (original account inactive at time of writing!)
Bullet Journal Sun Salutation
Image from hearthwitch on Instagram
Bullet Journal Yoga Tracker
Image from pensforhands on Instagram
Bullet Journal Hacks Personal Journal Page

Bullet Journaling for Workout Schedules

The possibilities for logging your workouts and workout-related information in your bullet journal, are pretty much limitless! Experiment with a few different methods to find out what works best for you. The examples I’ve found that I really liked (below, all from Instagram) include a super-simple schedule log by nosce_te_ipsum, a monthly exercise log by moonlitdaydreamer (I like seeing a whole month’s progress at a glance like this), and a spread covering a whole twelve weeks by thatbujokid. I also love the general fitness tracker at the bottom by, which somehow manages to log running, yoga, strength training and core exercises for a month, all on one pretty monthly spread!

Bullet Journal Workout Schedule
Image from nosce_te_ipsum on Instagram
Bullet Journal Monthly Exercise Log
Image from moonlitdaydreamer on Instagram
Bullet Journal 12 Week Workout Log
Image from thatbujokid on Instagram
Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Monthly Spread
Image from

Healthy Eating

Sticking to a healthy diet can be a challenge (or at least it can for me!), so it’s sensible to plan ahead. Half the battle is having the right healthy ingredients to put together so that you can easily create healthy meals to eat. This is where meal lists and meal planning comes in. The first example below is another one from, and is basically something she’s created to remember different meal options to create – something like this is great for making sure you don’t end up eating the exact same meals week after week! Click on the link if you want to read about this idea in a bit more detail and see an adaptation.

Bullet Journal Meal List
Image from

Other ideas that can help you with healthy eating include a general meal planner, and a master shopping list to make putting together your weekly shopping list a bit easier. The meal planner below is from rosie1284, and the shopping list is from alexandra_plans, both on Instagram.

Bullet Journal Meal Planner
Image from Rosie1284 on Instagram
Bullet Journal Master Grocery List
Image from Alexandra_plans on Instagram

Healthy Habits

It can also be a great idea to keep a general tracker for all the little habits that add up to a healthy lifestyle, just to keep on top of things! This tracker below, by, is a great example of a way to combine everything in one simple spread. For more examples of sleep, fruit and veg, and water trackers, check out this post.

Bullet Journal General Health Tracker
Image from

Self Care

Never underestimate the importance of looking after yourself! Making yourself a priority isn’t selfish, because you can’t help and support those around you if you’re run-down and cranky. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. I have to admit, I’m good at giving this advice, but not following it! Keeping ideas for self care in a prominent spot in your bullet journal, can help to keep the concept at the forefront of your mind. Just think of some nice things you can do for yourself, and get them down on paper… then do them!

The first example here is by rainbowbulletjournal and the second is by positivelypresent, both on Instagram. They both show creative healthy ways to deal with stress (note to self: wine and chocolate do not feature on either list).

Bullet Journal Self Care List
Image from rainbowbulletjournal on Instagram
Bullet Journal Self Care Stress Ideas
Image from positivelypresent on Instagram

Mental Health

Most of us know that keeping mentally healthy is just as important, if not even more so, as keeping physically well. Keeping physically active, eating well, and keeping up with some of the self care ideas above will go a long way to keeping your mental health ticking over. But there’s even more you can do with your bullet journal to keep mentally well. A simple mood tracker can be a really valuable tool in monitoring how you’re feeling, and is especially useful if you suffer from a mood disorder or anxiety. Being aware of how you’re feeling is a big part of the battle if you struggle with mental health, because as soon as you start to notice certain patterns, you can start to take action to get things back on track.

Plus, like most things related to bullet journaling, creating a mood tracker can be quite fun, and the results can be really quite beautiful! Take a look at these gorgeous ideas from mindbodyjournal, creapassionink, and fischjournals on Instagram.

Bullet Journal Mood Mandala
Image from mindbodyjournal on Instagram
Bullet Journal Pineapple Mood Tracker
Image from creapassionink on Instagram
Bullet Journal Year in Pixels
Image from fischjournals on Instagram


And finally, don’t forget that your bullet journal can be a great place to use your creativity to inspire you on a daily basis, by noting down inspiring phrases, quotes, and general wisdom! This can be great motivation for achieving your healthy goals and feeling good about yourself. I love this arty inspiring quote from, and if you need some more ideas just visit my Pinterest board for a TON of inspiring quotes!

Bullet Journal Inspiring Quote
Image from

And that just about does it for now! I hope this has helped to give you some ideas for using your bullet journal to improve your health and wellbeing. I would love to know how you get on, drop me a line and let me know 🙂

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How to use your bullet journal to improve your health
How to Use Your Bullet Journal to Improve Your Health
How to use a bullet journal to improve your health
Bullet Journal for Health
How your bullet journal can make you healthier
How to use your bullet journal to get healthy


  1. June 21, 2018 / 8:19 pm

    I keep seeing all of these beautiful bullet journals and thinking that I should probably give it a try. I really love the idea of using a bullet journal for tracking fitness. Previously I just used a composition notebook. Pretty pages could be so much more inspiring. I just might give it a try!! 🙂

    • Tara
      June 21, 2018 / 9:26 pm

      Give it a go Rhoda, you might love it – I hope so! 🙂

  2. October 17, 2023 / 4:19 pm

    Literally NOTHING is more motivating to me health-wise than tracking healthy habits and seeing that record of success. ❤️

    • Tara
      December 28, 2023 / 7:36 pm

      Me too, hope these ideas helped! 🙂

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