Bullet Journal Hacks – 14 Genius Ideas To Steal!

It’s no secret that we love love love our bullet journals! If you’ve not started one yet, we highly recommend doing so. Even if you think bullet journaling isn’t for you, you might be surprised if you give it a go – trust us, keeping a bullet journal is very addictive once you get going! Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll want to start looking round for creative ways to customise your bullet journal and make it your own. Fortunately for you, there’s a wealth of helpful ideas out there once you start looking (a good place to start would be with our favourite bullet journal bloggers). If you’re short on the time (or energy!) to search for yourself though, fret not, because we’ve done the legwork for you! Without further ado, here’s our round-up of the most useful and creative bullet journal hacks we’ve found… happy bullet journaling!

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Bullet Journal Hacks, No.1 – Go Dutch

Dutch doors are a great bullet journal hack to give you more space on your weekly spreads. They’re incredibly simple to create, you just cut a page in half and use that in between the two main pages of your weekly spread. Our example below uses a dutch door to create extra space on the weekly spread for trackers (fruit and veg, and sleep), goals, and an area for notes and a shopping list.

Bullet Journal Hacks Dutch Door

Bullet Journal Hacks Dutch Door 2

Bullet Journal Hacks Dutch Door 3

By the way, if you’re not familiar with trackers yet, they’re just a way to monitor your daily goals/habits. On this example there’s a tracker for fruit and veg, on which you’d highlight or cross off a number every time you eat a portion, aiming for four a day. Then theres one for sleep, where the hours from 9pm – 7am are written out for each day, and you highlight/put a line through the hours you slept.

Bullet Journal Hacks, No.2 – Create Space For Personal Journaling

If you like to use your bullet journal for traditional journaling purposes as well as for planning, create space to write about your feelings and reflect on what’s going on in your life. Our example below shows how you can incorporate a journaling page into your weekly spread, and has the added bonus of keeping the content of the journal page private if you’re using your weekly spread when others are around. Just add an extra page in the middle of your weekly spread, fold it in half length ways, and fold it closed when you’ve finished your writing. You can then use the space on the other side for whatever you want – maybe weekly trackers and goals, or just notes.

Bullet Journal Hacks Personal Journal Page

Bullet Journal Hacks, No.3 – Keep Motivated With An Annual Tracker

If you’ve resolved to keep a consistent habit over a long period of time (it can be a year, but it doesn’t have to be), then set out a tracker with all your months and dates on one page, like this one by modernmissjournaling on Instagram. Then you can cross out the day whenever you succeed with your habit. So for example, a simple goal might be to drink eight glasses of water a day. Well every day that you manage to do that, you make a cross over that day. This is a great motivator because when you see all your success mounting up, you’ll be motivated to keep going!

Bullet Journal Hacks Annual Tracker

Image from modernmissjournaling on Instagram

Bullet Journal Hacks, No.4 – Track Your Achievements

Keeping motivated with a long term goal can be tough! This hack is a little different to the last method, in that it’s more suited to cumulative goals that can be broken down into stages. Take a look at the example below, which we created to represent the goal of achieving a law degree. There’s a simple box for each term, and when the term is complete, the box is filled in and coloured. This is an excellent way of reminding yourself how far you’ve come, and it’s great when you see yourself getting closer and closer to your goal.

This method could work well for fitness goals – say your goal is to run five miles, then you could make boxes in half mile increments up to the full distance. If you’re trying to save £1000, then draw up boxes to represent each £100. We absolutely love using this method, but we have a slight word of caution too! We recommend it for goals where you’re unlikely to take a step back. If you use it for something like losing weight, it could backfire as you’ll feel frustrated if you’ve coloured in one of your boxes but then put on a pound or two – totally not worth the stress!

Bullet Journal Hacks Goal Tracker

Bullet Journal Hacks, No.5 – Use Washi Tape Creatively

Oh my goodness, how we love washi tape. It has so many uses in bullet journaling and is a quick and easy way to create a unique look that’s customised just for you. As well as making your bullet journal look pretty though, also use it to separate out different sections of pages – for example events, tasks, and goals, as shown here on jess_studies on Instagram. Our favourite place to shop for washi tape is Amazon, as you can get your hands on an amazing selection at good prices.

Bullet Journal Hacks Washi Tape

Image from jess_studies on Instagram

Bullet Journal Hacks, No.6 – A Flip-Out Key

We first saw this idea on Buzzfeed, and its a simple yet brilliant way to make it easy to keep track of your categories and remember your signifiers (check out our post on bullet journal spreads if you’re not sure what signifiers are yet!). The easiest way to create the flip-out is to use a cut out of decent quality paper and stick it in using washi tape or paper glue.

Bullet Journal Hacks Flip Out Key

Image from boho.berry on Instagram

Bullet Journal Hacks Flip Out Key 2

Image from pageflutter.com

We love these two examples from boho.berry on Instagram and pageflutter.com.

Bullet Journal Hacks, No.7 – Use Mildliners to Colour Code

Zebra mildliners can be a very useful addition to your bullet journal supply kit. Not only can you use them to bring colour to your spreads and collections, you can also use them to colour code the pages in your bullet journal like Shelby at littlecoffeefox.com. In the example below she’s coloured a small square on the edge of her pages (right up to the edge so you can see it easily) to represent different categories. You can also go a step further and use colour on your index to match. On the example here, pink represents monthly spreads and yellow represents notes. Genius! (That’s why she’s on our list of best-ever bullet journal bloggers!)

Bullet Journal Hacks Zebra Mildliners

Bullet Journal Hacks Colour Index

Images from littlecoffeefox.com


Bullet Journal Hacks, No. 8 – Use ‘Days of The Week’ Washi Tape

Writng out the days of the week over and over again for weekly spreads and habit trackers can be time-consuming, especially if you like your journal to look pretty and artistic. If you’re often in a rush, invest in some genius ‘days of the week’ washi tape! This way you can just stick it on and quickly create corresponding columns etc. There are several variations on Amazon, so have a look round to see what’s going to suit you best (just remember to check on delivery times, as quite a few are from international sellers).

Bullet Journal Hacks Days of the Week Washi Tape

Bullet Journal Hacks, No. 9 – Make Use Of Stamps

Stamps can also be a fantastic time-saver, or you can just use them to make your bullet journal look beautiful.

This pretty stamp by American Crafts is a nice sturdy option for date stamping.

Bullet Journal Hacks Days Of Week Stamp

Bullet Journal Hacks, No.10 – Page Cut-Outs

If you have pages or collections that you refer to on a regular basis, try making a little triangular cut at the bottom of the page so that you can flip to your destination quickly without having to check your index. Ann Le on lifeannstyle.com uses this method to mark out the different sections in her bullet journal, which works brilliantly.

Bullet Journal Hack Page Cut Outs

Image from lifeannstyle.com

 Bullet Journal Hacks, No. 11 – Create a Simple Envelope Pocket

Here’s another tip we first saw on littlecoffeefox.com. Grab yourself a regular old envelope (or indeed a gorgeously stylish envelope if you prefer), and tape it to an inside cover of your bullet journal, using your favourite washi tape. Now you have a simple pocket to store all your bits and bobs like tickets, magazine cuttings and coupons.



Bullet Journal Hacks Envelope Pocket

Image from littlecoffeefox.com

Bullet Journal Hacks, No. 12 – Create a Quick Pen Holder

An easy-peasy one, but extremely useful! If you’re using a standard Leuchtturm journal, or something similar, just wrap the elastic band strap around the bottom left corner, and you’ve got an instant pen holder! We found this one on the original bullet journal YouTube channel.


Bullet Journal Hacks Pen Holder

Image from ‘bullet journal’ on YouTube

Bullet Journal Hacks, No. 13 – Use Washi Tape (again!) For Special Pages

If you have a special page that you know you’ll want to access again and again, create a tab on the bottom corner with washi tape, so you can find it really easily. You can see in this example how Ann Le on lifeannstyle.com has used this method to mark out pages she’s created for makeup and nail colour references.

Bullet Journal Hacks Washi Tape Markers

Image from lifeannstyle.com

Bullet Journal Hacks, No. 14 – Use Wire Clips to Hold Your Journal Open

It can be extremely annoying when your journal keeps closing on you when you’re trying to write in it. Invest in some simple wire clips to hold your bullet journal open at the page you’re working on – simples! We love this rose gold set, which also comes with pretty paper clips which can be used as page markers.

Bullet Journal Hacks Rose Gold Paperclips


And that, we think, just about covers it! We love these bullet journal hacks for making our bullet journaling antics more beautiful and simpler – we hope you do too! If you’re interested on stocking up your bullet journal supplies in general, you might want to check out some of our favourites here. Let us know what you thought of these bullet journal hacks, have you tried any, or have some tips of your own to share? Laters!

PS! You might also be interested in our huge list of bullet journal collection ideas, and our favorite weekly spreads.

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14 Genius Bullet Journal Hacks

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