Bullet Journal Collections – STUNNING New Ideas for 2024!

Bullet journal collections are one of the most fun parts of bullet journaling!

This post has some of the absolute best, most stunning, beautiful and useful bullet journal collection ideas, all ready for your 2024 bullet journal!

bullet journal collections
Image by aminoapps.com

If you don’t know already, bullet journal collections are basically where you keep all of your useful lists and ideas for future reference. And the potential for bullet journal collection ideas is limitless!

See the image above? I’d never have thought of including a category of bullet journal collection ideas for bullet journal collections on Disney World like this gorgeous one from misfit.plans!!

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Bullet Journal Collections to blow your socks off!

Let’s get straight to it with these amazing bullet journal collection ideas…


Let’s start off simple!

Starting your bullet journal collections with a goals spead can be a great way to give your bullet journaling some purpose and clarity.

bullet journal goals collection
Image by pens.plans.letters on Instagram

This one is by pens.plans.letters on Instagram

And take a look at this beautiful goals bullet journal collection idea by journalrella on Instagram – gorgeous!

Pretty bullet journal goals page
Image from journalrella on Instagram

Here’s a simple bullet journal collection of goals that I created near the beginning of my bullet journal…

Bullet Journal Collection Ideas simple goals collection

You can make your goals bullet journal collections as straightforward or as in-depth as you like, depending on what works best for you.

The bullet journal collection below is a great example of something more detailed – you can check out the accompanying post on pageflutter.com if you’re interested!

The bullet journals above and below both use a Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook, which I highly recommend.

Bullet journal collection ideas goal setting 2
Image from pageflutter.com

You can also create goals for your routines like this bullet journal collection by sleeplesspage on Instagram.

bullet journal collection ideas for routines
Image by sleeplesspage on Instagram

Monthly Memories

As well as setting goals for the future, it’s nice to stop for a moment and remember all the nice things that have already happened!

Doing this can really help to keep you feeling positive and grateful, so bullet journal collections of monthly memories are really worth trying out!

Here is one of my own ‘Monthly Memories’ collections…

Bullet journal monthly memories collection

I created this with my PoooliPrint pocket printer, which I love!

They’re a fantastic little addition to any bullet journal kit, as they allow you to create gorgeous collections like the one above in minutes.

You can read my full review here, or follow this affiliate link and use the code TARA15 to get 15% off and free delivery! I highly recommend them!

Here’s another gorgeous bullet journal collection for memories created with a Poooliprint

bullet journal supplies uk poooliprinter example

Birthdays Bullet Journal Collections

Another staple bullet journal collection idea is a birthdays and anniversaries page, so that you never forget an important date. You can use a standard grid/calendar layout, or experiment with one of these beautiful ideas…

The first is from belovedart on Instagram and the second is my own.

Bullet journal collection ideas birthday balloons
Image from belovedart on Instagram
Bullet Journal Birthday log
This idea can be used for listing birthdays and anniversaries, or as a future log (calendar) at the start of your bullet journal

Bullet Journal Collections – Books & Films

If you’re anything like me, you have a long list of books that you’ve been meaning to get round to reading for ages.

Why not convert your mental list into something more actionable with this bullet journal collection idea?

Just use a simple list, or find lots of arty inspiration on Pinterest. You can do the same for films too.

bullet journal Reading list collection
Image from paperandinkco.heidi

This lovely one is by paperandinkco.heidi on Instagram.

This arty idea has been created with these Amazingly soft coloring pencils which are in my own bullet journal essentials kit.

And this alternative for a films bullet journal collection by bujoterapia on Instagram is a great idea.

bullet journal collections for films
Image by bujoterapia on Instagram

Bullet Journal Collections of Self Care Ideas

Keep mindful of all the different ways you can keep yourself feeling good with this self care bullet journal collection idea!

Self care bullet journal collection page

Use a self care collection so that you always have ideas to hand for when you next need to take some time out.

Bullet Journal Recipes Collections

Self explanatory really! Keep track of your favorite recipes and meal ideas in dedicated bullet journal collections.

bullet journal collections for recipes
Image by Mariia Pedynich

There are some lovely ideas by Mariia Pedynich on behance.net like these two.

bullet journal collection ideas for recipes
Image by Mariia Pedynich

Family & Friends Bullet Journal Collection Ideas

There are lots of great bullet journal collection ideas to help you be an extra-wonderful friend or family member! These are some of my favourites:

  • Gift lists – keep track of all those ideas you have throughout the year for perfect presents. Then, when the date arrives, picking something out will be easy-peasy.
  • Wishlist – these type of bullet journal collections keep a list of all the little things you covet throughout the year! Then you’ll never be short of good ideas when you’re asked what presents you’d like!
  • Gifts log – don’t forget to keep track of the gifts you’ve received too! Bullet journal collections like this can be great if you’re lucky enough to receive so many birthday presents that you forget who to thank for what. And can also help to avoid awkward re-gifting situations!!
  • Favourite family meals/recipes, and everyone’s favourite restaurants.
  • The last time I called… use these bullet journal collections for friends and relatives who live further away, to make sure you don’t go too long without checking in. Or adapt it to ‘last time I emailed’!
  • Favourite family/friends memories – cherish all those precious memories by logging them in a special bullet journal collection. This is a great way to remember to feel grateful for having loving friends and family in your life. This can also work really well if you have kids, just devote a special page per child and note down all those special moments and hilarious things they say! The PoooliPrinter I mentioned above in ‘monthly memories’ is brilliant for this too.
  • Date night ideas/ ideas for places to take the kids. Self explanatory really!
  • More bullet journal collections for kids – craft ideas, activity ideas, schools info, chores schedule, milestones… the list of bullet journal collection ideas for keeping track of kids is endless!

Goals Trackers – to go with your goals collections

As well as your bullet journal collections for goals, you can create a tracker so that you have a visual representation of getting closer and closer to your aim.

This idea works really well for any goal that you can break down into increments.

For example, if you’re training for a 10k run, make a tracker that represents each 1k you reach in your training schedule.

I love the example below, which represents my goal of achieving a law degree. There are 12 boxes to represent each term, right up until the final one when my main goal will be achieved.

After each term is completed, I color the box in, and can see myself getting closer and closer to my ultimate goal!

This is great to keep you motivated when it gets tough, as you can literally see how far you’ve come.

Bullet journal collection ideas goals tracker

Meal Planning Bullet Journal Collections

There are lots of different bullet journal collection ideas to log your meal planning.

You could create a small selection of weekly mix and match options to help make your Sunday evening planning quicker and easier.

This also helps with shopping as it’s much easier to identify what you need if you plan your meals in advance.

Bullet journal collection ideas meal planning
Image from gothamhaus on Instagram

This meal planning bullet journal collection by gothamhaus on Instagram does the job.

Health & Fitness Bullet Journal Collection Ideas

There are any number of bullet journal collections relating to health and fitness!

aromatherapy blends list
Image by menwhobullet on Instagram

This beautiful aromatherapy blends collection by menwhobullet on Instagram is a fantastic bullet journal collection idea!

I’ve already mentioned how you can use a tracker to help with fitness goals, and how you can create a meal planning collection – here are some more of my favourite health & fitness bullet journal collection ideas!

Update – you might like to check out my recent post on using your bullet journal to improve your health for even more ideas!

  • Exercise routines – keep a list of some good routines and classes so you’re never stuck for ideas.
  • Weight-loss record/goals.
  • Ideas for little rewards when you reach your health and fitness goals!
  • Ovulation/period/pregnancy tracker & notes.
  • Healthy recipe and snack ideas.
  • Workout tracker/workout schedule.
  • Weekly sleep bullet journal collection – make sure you get enough shut eye by monitoring how much sleep you’re getting.
  • Weekly water tracker – to keep mindful of drinking enough water each day.

This tracker by craftyenginerd on Instagram is really effective.

water and sleep tracker
Image from craftyenginerd on Instagram


There are some really great finance related bullet journal collection ideas. Try out some of these:

  • Savings tracker.
  • Debt/credit card tracker.
  • Budget plan.
  • Earnings log, if your income is variable.
  • Loan repayment log.
  • ‘No-spend day’ challenge tracker.

Gratitude Bullet Journal Collections

Having a collection dedicated to what you’re grateful for in your life can be a fantastic idea to help you appreciate what you’ve got and feel more positive. I love these beautiful ideas!

gratitude tracker
Image from heartistic.jess on Instagram

By heartistic.jess on Instagram

Happiness list
Image from passionplanner on Instagram

By passionplanner on Instagram

The pen used in the image above is a Sakura Pigma Micron Fineliners – a bullet journaler favorite due to the clean fine lines & fast drying

Last Appointments Bullet Journal Collections

This is one of the most useful bullet journal collection ideas, even though it’s a pretty dull one!

A couple of pages dedicated to recording your most recent appointments can be really useful.

It can help to remind you that you’re overdue for your next booking, and you can add notes to jog your memory about what happened at your last doctors appointment etc.

I keep a list of the last appointments with all of the below, and have separate lists for family members (and pets!) too:

  • Doctor
  • Immunisations
  • Dentist
  • Hygenist
  • Specialists
  • Beautitians
  • Hairdresser

Style File Bullet Journal Collections

I love some of the style collections that Ann Le of lifeannstyle.com has created in her bullet journal! Recreating these is for the more dedicated bullet journalers out there, but the results are so gorgeous!…

Bullet Journal Collection Ideas Nail polishes
Bullet journal collection ideas makeup
Bullet journal collection ideas capsule wardrobe
Images from http lifeannstyle.com

Bullet Journal Collection Ideas!

And finally (well, almost), don’t forget to include a collection for your bullet journal collection ideas! Seriously, as you get more and more into bullet journaling, the ideas will just keep coming – you need somewhere to record them all!

Similarly, adopages on Instagram has created bullet journal collections for theme ideas for her future spreads.

bullet journal collections for remembering ideas
Image by adopages on Instagram

And the rest!…

The possibilities for bullet journal collection ideas are pretty limitless!! If the ones I’ve shown here aren’t enough for you (really?!), then have a go at some of the below!

  • Holiday packing list
  • Household jobs list/schedule
  • Favourite sites and blogs
  • Christmas card list
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Affirmations
  • Book/movie reviews
  • Ways to relax
  • Ways to treat yourself/self-care
  • Products to try
  • Skincare routine
  • Monthly memories
  • Travel log
  • All time favourite songs
  • Class/school schedule
  • Grades tracker
  • Master grocery list
  • Medications
  • Baby names list
  • Weekly cleaning schedule

Enjoyed this post on bullet journal collections?… Why not save it for later on Pinterest?

Huge list of bullet journal collection ideas
Addictive bullet journal collections!


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