Bullet Journal Christmas Ideas for 2023 you NEED to See (Only the most STUNNING ones!)

And here it is, as if from nowhere… Christmas 2023! To help you to get organized and enjoy some fabulously festive journaling fun, I’ve compiled this selection of the most stunning bullet journal Christmas ideas out there.

Bullet journal Christmas ideas collage

Whether you’re after gorgeous bullet journal Christmas lists, cute Christmas doodles, beautiful bullet journal gift lists or simple bullet journal Christmas spreads, these Christmas bullet journal ideas are going to give you all the festive motivation you need to get started with some joyful journaling this holiday season!

So let’s do this thing and get started with some of the loveliest bullet journal Christmas ideas for 2023 that I’ve come across…

December Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

This section of bullet journal Christmas ideas is all about gorgeous December cover page ideas!

Your December cover page is really going to represent the start of the Christmas section of your bullet journal, so this seems like a good place to begin!

December ‘booklet’ cover page

The first December cover page I’ve chosen is this beautiful December bullet journal spread by julia.pezowicz on Instagram, because it’s just so different from anything I’ve seen before, and I thought you’d love it!

December bullet journal cover page with centre booklet insert for bullet journal Christmas ideas

Now, you could say this is kind of a cheat because this spread has been used for recipes rather than as a straightforward December cover page. HOWEVER, I have a great idea for you to steal!… Just create the same style of booklet in the middle of the December cover page, but use the first double page spread in it for your month overview calendar, another page for your goals for the month, and another for things you need to get done in December – you get the idea!

Hello December’ Poooli Print and Ribbons Cover Page!

My next December cover page I want to show you is one I’ve created myself. This one’s perfect if you’re busy and want to create something lovely but only have a short time to do it in.

That’s because ALL of the text and images were created using my lovely Poooli Print!

Christmas bullet journal spread for bullet journal Christmas ideas using Poooli Print for pictures and text

To create this ‘Hello December’ cover page, I’ve used some of my free Christmas printables (there are 53 of them!) and just quickly printed them out with my Poooli Printer.

Then I’ve added a little color and a touch of sparkly washi tape… et voila! A quick, pretty and sparkly December cover page.

This is a great bullet journal Christmas idea if you’re finding yourself short on time, or just aren’t feeling particularly arty!

You could come up with no end of cool Poooli Printer ideas for Christmas, either using my free Christmas printables, or other images, or your own photos… the options are endless!

If you’re interested in a Poooli Printer (and I do highly recommend them), be sure to use my affiliate discount code TARA15 for 15% off , plus they have some pretty irresistible deals on right now too!

Back to it though, and here’s my third choice for December cover page inspiration…

Simple and Beautiful Pink Christmas Cover Page

This is by _coffeeandsarcasm_ (amazing name btw!) on Instagram, and I’ve chosen to show you because it’s beautiful yet simple… and I thought you’d like it!

December bullet journal cover page with pink Christmas baubles

It’s in complete contrast to the previous design. As opposed to being dramatic and fun, it’s simplistic and beautiful. I love using shades of pink and purple as an alternative to the traditional Christmas colors, and often choose to decorate my tree in these shades.

By the way, if you like these bullet journal Christmas ideas and December cover pages, you can head over to my Christmas Journal Ideas board on Pinterest – it has hundreds of lovely bullet journal Christmas ideas and gorgeous pictures to inspire you! (Check out the ‘Bullet Journal Ideas’ board while you’re there too – thousands of gorgeous bullet journal pictures to drool over!)

Bullet Journal Christmas Spreads

Let’s move on to a couple of my favorite bullet journal Christmas ideas for bullet journal spreads – first a weekly spread, then a monthly!

Here’s one of the loveliest simple weekly Christmas spreads I’ve come across, it’s by the very talented @plants_and_bujo. This is another bullet journal Christmas idea that utilises the power of a Poooli Printer!

Bullet Journal Christmas weekly spread using a Poooli Printer

This lovely spread has been created simply by printing out the days of the week and the other labels on a Poooli Printer, then adding a few simple illustrations – maximum effect, minimal effort.

As you can see, I’m rather a fan of using my Poooli Printer in my bullet journal! If you decide to treat yourself, remember to use my affiliate code TARA15 for 15% off at the checkout.

Next for a beautiful Christmas monthly spread idea…

Bullet Journal Christmas monthly spread with berries and holly

This beautiful festive spread is by @juliandoodles on instagram. While I love the non-traditional Christmas colors in the previous spread, I also can’t get enough of this traditional red and green combination… decisions, decisions!

Bullet Journal Christmas Ideas – A Bullet Journal Christmas List!

Moving on, how about creating a bullet journal Christmas list once you’ve got your cover page and general spreads all sorted?…

There are tons of different list ideas you can choose from, including this one which combines several bullet journal Christmas lists in one go!

Christmas bullet journal lists spread

It’s by Thass and Kirsty at Diary of a Journal Planner, and it combines a Christmas wish list, gift list, to do list and bucket list – sorted!

If you’re thinking of doing all those lists in more detail though (I know that my Christmas ‘To Do’ list is going to take up at least a couple of pages – argh!!), you could think about getting a separate Christmas themed bullet journal just for your Christmas planning and lists.

Then you don’t have to worry about taking up some much space in your regular bullet journal, plus you have an easy reference to pull out next year. I love this pretty winter themed journal on Amazon.

Winter themed bullet journal with snowflakes to use as Christmas bullet journal

One of my favorite bullet journal Christmas lists is this bucket list from ‘Just call me ringo‘. I love the detail and it’s really cute, but have to admit that part of my love for this one is just the photo!! So sparkly and Christmassy!

Christmas bullet journal bucket list with sparkly lights

Then for a simple but effective bullet journal Christmas gift list, take inspiration from this little lovely by @artsybec on instagram…

Bullet journal Christmas gift list

It’s charmingly festive, simple, fun and effective!

Bullet Journal Christmas Doodles

Next on the bullet journal Christmas ideas list is fun Christmas doodles!

I love this instructive doodling spread by @shibadoodle

Bullet journal Christmas doodle ideas

And along similar lines, here are some more lovely ideas from @littleolivebujo

Step by step bullet journal Christmas doodle ideas

Bullet Journal Christmas Lights!

You can create so many different bullet journal Christmas ideas that centre around Christmas lights. A stream of lights makes the perfect Christmas mood tracker, like this one by Well Ella.

Bullet journal Christmas mood tracker with colored Christmas lights

Or just incorporate some pretty Christmas lights into any of your regular bullet journal spreads. This lovely one is by Raes Daily Page.

Bullet Journal Christmas Countdowns!

And my final bullet journal Christmas ideas involve Christmas countdowns!

This first one by @bujoandcookies is super simple and effective…

Or for something that takes only a little more time, get doodling some pretty Christmas decorations to use in your Christmas countdown, like this spread by @leannepieters – so pretty!

So, is that enough bullet journal Christmas ideas to get you started?

Well if not, panic not!! I have literally thousands of gorgeous bullet journal ideas over on my Pinterest boards. Hop on over to the Christmas Journal Ideas board to get you started, then see where you end up!

And remember the lovely Poooli Printer I mentioned for a couple of these gorgeous spreads? I love it and if you want to try it for yourself you can use my affiliate code TARA15 for 15% off here – if you treat yourself then I hope you love it as much as I do!

PoooliPrint promotional image

PS Happy Christmas!!!


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