7 Qualities of Successful Bloggers

If you are wondering what sets bloggers who earn a solid income every month off their site and those who are in the making, you have to look no further than skills, attitude, and qualities.

If you’re thinking about getting your first blog published and would like to increase your chances for success, you will have to focus on your self development, instead of following others and believing in shortcuts and blueprints designed by marketers.

Below you will find a few qualities of successful bloggers that will help you transform or get your business off the ground.

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Quick Learners

Successful bloggers like keeping everything in one hand, and would rather learn every skill related to their new business, instead of outsourcing content development and design.

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Focus On Engagement

Bloggers who make it and earn a residual income can engage with their target audience on a personal level. They will research their market and read other blogs, Facebook posts, and industry reports.

They are mind readers who are able to guess the questions their audience are secretly asking and answer them in a unique way. They don’t just create descriptive posts, but also allow their vision, mission, and values shine through the content, so their readers can feel a personal connection with them.

Advanced Marketing Strategy Skills

Expert bloggers invest time and energy in learning basic marketing skills that can get their site and posts noticed. They will design their own promotions and banners, and build a landing page for their offers.

If you are a lazy affiliate marketer and join a network, you might be tempted to use the same materials other people do. Unfortunately, this way you will not stand out from the crowd and take your income to the next level.

When you start implementing affiliate marketing in your business model, you need to take care of your personal branding first.  


Successful bloggers are never boring. They don’t go on about the same old topics, and they research the latest trends and questions submitted online. They keep an eye on the competition and what others are writing and posting about.

They understand the interest of their readers, and write about things they want to read about, instead of what they feel like posting. Blogging should never look robotic or planned; you have to allow your personality to shine through.

They Listen

Bloggers who make it engage with their readers on every platform they use to promote their posts and offers. They keep an eye on the comments section and check their statistics.

They use things like Google tools to find out which page their visitors enter and leave their site, and identify the most popular topics and formats, T

hey respond to direct and indirect feedback, and talk to their readers on social media. They are approachable, helpful, and take care of their reputation by being present and providing personalized content.


Successful bloggers can also step into their readers’ shoes and empathize with their problems. They choose their blog niche based on their own interest, and not the profitability of the market or affiliate offers.

They are passionate about finding a solution for their readers and are not in it just for the money. They are driven by the need to help others through their experience and knowledge, instead of recommending the offers that pay the most commissions.


You can’t stand out from the crowd if you are saying the same things as everyone else. A little bit of controversy is not bad for your blogging business. You have to be yourself, and accept that you are not everyone’s cup of tea.

At the end of the day, you should not try to impress everyone; only the people you identified as your main audience. Dare to be different and go against the grain, accept criticism with your head held high, and stand by your personal values.

The blogging sphere is becoming more competitive every day. If you are looking to increase your chance for success, you will need to improve your skills and market knowledge. Get to know your niche, become an expert, educate yourself, and make sure that you are true to your values all the time.



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