5 Electrifying Reasons It’s Okay To Be Lazy

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There are lots of bad connotations about being lazy.

Apparently, you’re dirty and slobbish, as well as being a freeloader who gets by on the coattails of others. It has nothing to do with your personality and the fact you like to chill out.

No, you’re a bad person who isn’t living up to their full potential!

Collaborative post, written by Joe


But believe or not, there are plenty of benefits of being a lazy person. Yes, it can get in the way at times, but it also isn’t necessarily a stick to beat people with. As long as you’re not totally bone idle, there’s a chance you’ll benefit from the following.

Here are my five reasons it isn’t shameful to be lazy and proud. Come on – let’s do it for the sloths out there who love to sleep all day!

It’s A Timesaver

Rather than do the dishes by hand, you prefer to load the dishwasher. Just rip open a dishwasher gel from the pack and you’re good to go. And, you apply the same amount of effort to all of the household tasks. Whether it’s vacuuming or making coffee, there is a machine which will do it for you, and with much less effort on your part.

The good news is this isn’t really lazy – it’s logical. When you let the appliances do the heavy lifting, it means there’s more time for you to kick back and relax. And, that’s an essential part of staying healthy. Proactive people like to think they are bulletproof when they are high up on their pedestal, but they’re wrong. Wanting to be involved all the time only leads to an increase in stress. Fact.

The fact that you’re chilling out while the washing machine is doing the laundry is a lifestyle choice. You choose to put your wellbeing first rather than panic over the little things.

And A Money Spinner

Ah, but using the appliances more will result in big bills, comes the cry. So, being lazy will cost you a lot of money. First of all, if that were true, it would be a straight trade-off between your bank balance and your health. Pretty much everybody would rather live a long, prosperous life than a short one with lots of cash.

Secondly, it isn’t the case anyway. Because of your laziness, and not in spite of it, you only turn on the devices when it’s absolutely necessary. You’re not the get-in-front-with-the-laundry type. When there are no clothes left in the closet is when you’ll throw in a mega load and wash everything you own.

As a result, lazy people don’t waste energy as much as the busy types who can’t help but load the washing machine. That’s extra money in your back pocket, cash you will get to spend because of you’re better life balance. Whoever said being lazy doesn’t pay off was way off.


It Focuses The Brain

The best things sometimes come out of the most unlikely environments – laziness trains the brain.

A task needs completing and there isn’t much time left (obviously, because you’ve left it to the last minute). When this happens, a single-mindedness to finish in time and be on point washes over the mind. So, all that you will concentrate on is completing the job without getting shouted at and ridiculed. Plus, the standard is high too as a result of your intensity and concentration.

The majority of people think that being organized is savvy, and it can be in some cases. However, there is nothing wrong with leaving something to the last minute and knocking it out of the park. As a lazy person, you’re well aware of the benefits because you’ve been doing it for years!

You Target The Little Things

All of the big stuff seems like a lot of hassle, but you’ve got to appear productive. No matter: you’ll take care of the small details first and then come back to the large problems. After all, it gives you more time to think and to find a solution (is what you tell yourself).

But, there is no need to make excuses at all as targeting the little things is an excellent way to live. Take the house as an example. The entire property needs a deep clean from top to bottom, yet you can’t be bothered. Instead, you decide to take ten minutes per day out of your busy schedule to clean. The logic is simple: little and often. And, it works. Wiping down the surfaces is a fantastic way to maintain a decent level of cleanliness, and it’s because you didn’t have the drive for a spring clean.

You may need to give in eventually and move the furniture to clear up the dirt, but this technique will tide you over until such a time as you can be bothered.


The Bosses Notice You

Granted, it might be for the wrong reasons in the beginning, yet it will change after a while. In a bid to economise, a great leader will always ask the laziest person in the office for their ideas on how to do things. Or at least, they should. You are the most qualified to solve a dilemma because you’ll think of the simplest method. According to Occam’s razor, this is usually the best one. Plus, it will save the business money so it kills two birds with one stone.

Problem solvers are loved by bosses the world over regardless of their work ethic. See – doesn’t it pay to be lazy some of the time?



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