101+ Self-Care Ideas For The Real World!

Self Care Ideas

How’s your self-care routine doing? Do you even have one? The internet is a-buzz (a word?) nowadays with self care routines and self care ideas, but is it something you actually DO, or are you someone who falls into the trap of thinking that self-care is synonymous with self-indulgence and selfishness?

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If you’re someone who identifies with that mind-set, it’s important to have a word with yourself and STOP! Self-care is simply a way of topping up your inner reserves and allowing yourself some time to feel happy and calm.

If you feel guilty about that, the most important thing you can do for yourself is remind yourself that you’re no good to anyone if you don’t look after yourself. YOU CAN’T POUR FROM AN EMPTY CUP!

How to incorporate self-care ideas into your life

Self Care Ideas For The Real World

Take baby steps and start off with some self-care ideas that don’t feel too indulgent or take too long. And there are tons of self-care ideas when you start to give it some thought, so you’ll definitely be able to find something that fits the bill!

And remember, there are a lot of people out there who don’t think twice about this stuff – looking after themselves comes naturally to them and the idea of feeling guilty about it wouldn’t cross their minds. And good for them!

As long as you keep things in balance, it’s very unlikely that anyone is going to think any less of you for taking a bit of time out for yourself. And if they do, that sounds suspiciously like it might be their problem and not yours.

101 Self Care Ideas

So, where to start?

Well, there are a couple of approaches you can take here. If you’re really serious about this and want to establish a new self-care routine, then documenting the plan and process in a bullet journal can be a great way to go.

You could devote a bullet journal spread to your favorite self-care ideas to try, then tick them off one by one. Or, try using habit trackers to log your self-care activities and hold yourself accountable.

Check out some bullet journal self-care ideas on Pinterest if you’re in need of inspiration.

Self Care Ideas on Pinterest

Alternatively, you could take a less structured approach and just dive on in there with some self-care experimentation. Find half an hour, pick an idea you like, and just go for it!

Self-care means different things to different people, and my perfect self-care ideas may look very different to yours – we’re all unique after all. With that in mind, I decided to come up with a seriously huge list of self-care ideas, so that everyone can find at least a few realistic ideas.

Some of these self-care ideas are really quick and simple, but there are also some self-care ideas that you might need to devote a day (or even more) to. You’ll know what’s best for you as an individual, and what it is that you need right now to feel rejuvenated, invigorated and rested.

Self Care Ideas

Similarly, some of these self-care ideas can be simple ‘one-offs’, while others are more like projects that you can take on, or ideas for tweaking your regular routine to add a daily dose of self-care in your life.

But hey, enough going on about it – let’s just get to it! Here is my HUGE list of 101+ self-care ideas (because I was aiming for 101 then thought of some more good ones!). Find what feels right to you, and go with it. And most importantly, never feel guilty about taking this time for yourself – if you do then you’re defeating the whole point of the exercise! Enjoy, and look after yourselves 🙂 …

101+ Awesome Self-Care Ideas!

Lie back and lose yourself in some great music.
Try a Gong Bath.
Paint a picture, or even some furniture.
Give yourself an at home pedicure & foot massage.
Set a timer for an hour. Go for a nap.
Book yourself in for a facial.
Pick up a good novel. Allow yourself to read for at least half an hour.

Getting cozy to combat stress
Devote a whole afternoon to snuggling up with a great movie or your favorite box-set.
Get outdoors for a walk. Notice the nature around you and enjoy breathing the fresh air.
Book yourself in for a massage.
Phone or Skype someone who makes you feel good, and have a good catch up.
Go to the library and browse the books. Maybe borrow something totally different to the books you usually read.
Go to the movies by yourself.
Try some adult coloring.
Make yourself a bullet journal.
Or, if you already have one, spend some time with it. Maybe create a lovely new spread.
Try out Morning Pages.
Follow a YouTube makeup tutorial.

Declutter your closet.
Or even your entire home. Not a quick job, but your future self will thank you!
Spend an afternoon getting your hair done.
Treat yourself to a shopping trip. If you have a tight budget, challenge yourself to find something lovely for $20.
Bake yourself a cake. Maybe try one of these ideas for cakes with a fun healthy twist.

Big pink cake self care ideas
Or cook a delicious meal.
Relax in a bubble bath.
Buy yourself a glossy magazine and enjoy a coffee while you read it (may I suggest looking for one that doesn’t focus on telling you how much weight you should lose).
Enjoy a no social media day, or even a week if you can!
Think about how to make you living space more beautiful, and try out some of your ideas.
Make a list of your favorite self-care ideas!
Do a jigsaw puzzle.
Or if you have kids, pinch some lego and get creative. It’s surprisingly therapeutic and addictive!
Listen to an audiobook.
Try some yoga, even if you’ve never done any before.
Spend a couple of hours getting your diary in order and planning out the next month.

Self Care Ideas Routine
Buy presents for all upcoming birthdays.
Wrap them beautifully.

Stylish Self Care Ideas
Create some stylish decor for your home.
Make a handmade gift for a loved one.
Get yourself a little notebook and start to note down all the compliments you get.
Make a point of making three genuine compliments every day.
Sort through your old photos.
Spend some quality time with your pet.
Clear up your workspace.

Beautiful Pink Desktop
Get down on the floor and stretch.
Go for a bike ride.
Practice mindfulness.
Go swimming.
Spend some time daydreaming about what you would like to happen in your life.
Set yourself some goals. Write them down and put them somewhere you’ll see them often.
Try accupuncture.
Plan a holiday or short break.
Buy yourself a gorgeous bunch of flowers.

Pink peonies
Do your nails.
Clean your home from top to bottom. Or hire a cleaner, if you prefer not to.
Make a natural facemask.
Go to bed super-early.

Early Morning Self Care Ideas
Then get up super-early and make use of the extra hours!
Spend some time in your favorite coffee shop by yourself.
When it’s cold out – buy yourself some delicious cookies, make a hot drink, snuggle up in your coziest blanket.
Plant something.
Lie on your back outside and look up at the clouds. Best done on a dry day.
Try some aromatherapy.
Grab your camera and look for somewhere to take some beautiful shots.
Have a picnic.

Huge list of self care ideas
Read an inspirational autobiography.
If you have kids (or kid relatives etc), get down on the floor and play with them for a while – the laundry can wait.
Think of something nice you could do for someone. Do it.
Make a big list of your top strengths and skills.
Think about how you can tweak your routine to find more time for yourself.
Decide on a new hobby you’d like to try. Then try it.
Go on a date night with your partner or best friend.
Take yourself out for lunch.
Do your grocery shop somewhere new and try out some new foods.

Tons of new self care ideas
Go to a makeup counter and ask for a mini makeover, then treat yourself to something they recommend.
Find out something interesting. Think of a faraway place, google it and read about the way of life there.
Play chess with a friend.
Allow yourself a YouTube binge, but promise to avoid anything with a negative vibe.
Make yourself a reading list of books you’d really like to read (not books you feel you should read), then make time to read them.
If you’re feeling resentment or anger towards someone, get it all out in a long letter to them – then destroy it.
If you’re feeling sad, try to connect with what you need right now. Maybe a funny film to turn your mood around? Or maybe something sad so that you can get it all out with a good cry?
Write a list of all the things you’re grateful for in your life.
Create your own feel-good poster or screen saver. Try Canva (they have free tutorials on there too).
Put on some happy music and dance around your kitchen.
Go out for a bike ride.
Find some natural water to take a walk by – whether it be the sea, a lake, or a tiny brook.
Feed the ducks.
Catch up with a favorite friend.

Friendship helps to combat stress
Take a long hot shower and change into your comfiest pyjamas.
Go to a farmers market.
If you can afford it, book yourself into a fancy hotel for a night.
Buy yourself some beautiful new underwear.
Sing along to your favorite songs. Loudly.
Wear your favorite outfit.
Get measured for a properly fitting bra.
Go through your health checks. Skin, breasts etc. If you’re not sure how, learn.
Go to an art gallery or museum and spend time appreciating the collections.
Make yourself a vision board.

 Self Care Ideas Vision Board
Collect inspiring articles or images on Pinterest.
Go outside at night and look at the starts.
Make yourself a delicious hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.
Make yourself a fancy cocktail or mocktail.

Easy Self Care Ideas
Go to a bookshop and browse.
Book theatre tickets to see a show.
Learn about something new, like how to write a blog. You don’t have to do it if you don’t fancy it, just find out more about what’s involved.
Look for an evening class that might interest you.
Look round an antiques store or flea market.
Make a proper plan for where you can fit more self-care into your day! 🙂

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