Turn Your Faff-Room Into Your Dream Bathroom!

How to create your dream bathroom with a re-model

Creating A Beautiful Bathroom

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Thanks to multi-step skincare routine, exfoliation and fake tan, and of course endless hair washing, we probably all spend way more time in the bathroom than we’d like to. Some of that time might be completely wasted though if your bathrooms not working for you. A thorough declutter can go a long way, but where do you start if you’ve decided you need a full scale re-model of a dated time-wasting bathroom? If you’ve reached that point, here are a few things to take into account to help you along the way on your mission to turn your faffroom into a luxurious bathroom!

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The Aims: To start a project like this, it will always be a good idea get clear on your aims before you jump in. There will almost certainly be some aspects of the room which make life more difficult in the morning rush to get ready, and these are the places you should focus your efforts on. For example, if you find that your mirror becomes misty far too quickly, could you benefit from one which is heated?

Here are a few more common scenarios to give some thought to:

Poor Lighting: Trying to handle makeup and other delicate tasks when you don’t have the right lighting can be a real pain. Not only can this lead to foundation lines, it can also slow you down more than you might think. To help with this, improving your lights should be nice and easy, with loads of companies being willing to help with this part of the job. Shaving lights can be surprisingly good for things like foundation and eyeliner.

Create your dream bathroom

Annoying Showers: After a few years of using the same shower unit, it can often start to show its age. Having to spend precious minutes working to find the right temperature each morning and not being able to rinse your conditioner out properly is a pain to go through, and will eat into your morning routine. Replacing this part of the bathroom should definitely be left to a professional, as it can be a dangerous to work with electricity and water (sorry for stating the obvious there!).

Cold Floors: Stepping out of the shower or the bath onto floors which make you shiver is never nice. Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular as time goes on, with loads of companies making and selling options which can go great in any home. Admittedly, this is more of a luxurious touch than a practical one, but trust me it’s worth it if you can afford the expense!

The Planning & Execution!

Once you have your aims established, you will be in a better position to put your plan together. Trying to take on a project like this without a good idea of what needs to be done is a bad move. Not only will it make the job harder, but it will also give you no real reference point to estimate how long it will all take. There are loads of tools around the web which can be used to help you with this (I love Trello).

The Sources: Construction materials and bathroom accessories won’t always come cheap. These sorts of resources cost a lot to make, and this is obviously reflected in the price you have to pay. With the right research, dedication, and time though, you should be able to find good deals on everything you need to buy – so do your research!

The Support: It’s unlikely that you will have all of the skills required to build an entire bathroom! From the plumbing and electrical work, there are plenty of bathroom remodeling companies that can help you with some of the more challenging aspects of your project – just use your planning time to work out what you do and don’t need help with, then you can make sure to stay within your budget. That way you’ll have a great excuse to treat yourself to some lovely new lotions and potions fit for display in your beautiful new bathroom!




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