Creating A Kitchen That Gets Stuff Done

Your home, and the rooms within it, are not just a collection of spaces that you live in. They are essentially tools that make up part of your lifestyle. If you’re like most people, then you have more things to do and less time than you can handle! Your home can play a huge role in that. In particular, your kitchen can often have the biggest impact of all. Here, we’re going to look at how you build a kitchen that really helps you get stuff done. This kitchen will stop wasting your time and make you much more productive, so let’s get started!

Creating a kitchen that gets stuff done kitchen office space

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Get rid of the knick-knacks

Yes, the kitchen is the heart of the home and you want it to be welcoming and inviting so that it doesn’t feel alien to you or your guests. But that doesn’t mean you should be cluttering up your worktops. If you want personal touches, try to keep them to areas you’re not going to need to utilize, like the wall or the windowsill. Otherwise, try to declutter and minimize as much as possible.

If you have little knick-knacks all over your workstations and table, not only are you going to have to try and work around them or constantly keep moving them, you’re going to have to deal with the dust and debris they tend to attract as well.

Find storage everywhere

That said, even without knick-knacks, it’s easy to run out of space to put things in kitchens. This is especially true for smaller kitchens, or if you’re a particularly prolific chef with lots of toys and tools for meal preparation. In either case, take some time to look at the kind of storage hacks shared by and similar sites.

Using vertical storage is one of the best tips of all. You can attach hooks to the interior of your largest cupboards, for instance, or opt for a magnetic strip to hold your knives instead of a big, unwieldy knife-block. Think outside the box when it comes to storage, and you will find a lot more of it.

Consider your triangle

If you’re starting a kitchen design right from the beginning, then think about the kitchen work triangle. This is a design method that identifies three key areas of the kitchen: the fridge, the cooking area, and the sink.  Make sure that you are able to move from one part of the triangle to another without any interruption or clutter on the way.

That means no kitchen islands right in the middle of it all or furniture that you have to work around. It will make moving from place to place in the kitchen much more efficient when you’re cooking or washing up after a meal.

Creating a kitchen that gets stuff done creative workspace

Opt for easy-to-clean

If you’re going through a complete restyle or renovation of the kitchen, you’re going to be looking at the materials you use. You might have a fondness for real wood, or love the simplicity of laminate, but consider prioritizing practicality. Options like granite and quartz (have a look at if you’re thinking of investing) have plenty of visual appeal but are easy to clean, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. Look at how much attention and care the materials you choose will need – the less they require of you, the more time you free up by not having to clean your kitchen as often or for as long.

Clear out the cupboards

In one simple step, you’re going to be able to reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do in the kitchen, as well as making it much more efficient to get the cups, plates, and other bits and bobs you need. Ready for it? Get rid of your cupboard doors. By using open shelving instead of cupboards for plate and utensil storage, you immediately get rid of some of the most annoying surfaces to clean. Cupboard doors attract grease and grime which builds up around the handles, making them particularly difficult to clean. You’re going to be able to operate much more efficiently in the kitchen if you don’t have to constantly open and close doors, too. Granted, this tip doesn’t work well for smaller kitchens where you might need those doors for extra storage space, but otherwise it’s well worth considering.

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Find your message center

An organized and productive kitchen isn’t just about what practical tools and tips help you get to work. It’s also about mental organization. How much time do you waste picking up food that you forgot to buy earlier and how much money do you waste forgetting to use ingredients? Make your own chalkboard, as shown at, to jot down groceries you need to stock up on, or you could even consider creating a command center for total family organization!

Keep it light

Lighting your kitchen well is really important. You have to be able to see what you’re doing! But we want to focus on letting in natural light through a better choice of window treatments, like solid blinds or wooden shutters instead of curtains or fabrics. Your mood as you use the kitchen plays an important role in how motivated and energetic you are in your utilization of it, too. Natural light has been shown to be a natural mood booster, and the more of it you let in your house, the better it is an energizing you and helping you fight stress. Make sure the kitchen gets enough of it.

A productive kitchen isn’t just a more useful, less stressful one. It helps free up the time you need to compete with your other responsibilities and to live the most fulfilling life you can. So don’t just think of it as just as a redesign, think of it as an upgrade to one of the most useful tools in your life at home!


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